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Pain in upper stomach with nausea

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beccasfirstbump Sun 11-Sep-16 20:50:29

Hi this is my first proper post on here. I just wanted to know if any other ladies had experienced this and/or if anyone could give me some advice as to what's going on and what I can do to relieve my discomfort. Before I start I'll warn you this may be a long post.

I'm 25wks tomorrow and since yesterday evening I have been feeling sick, I have been sick about 4/5 times. My upper abdomen is giving me severe pain, which started before the vomiting, almost like a bruised feeling at first but now it's just aching all the time and cramping. I've also been having really loose stools (sorry if TMI) as of this morning, which is unusual for me as I have been blocked up pretty much since the day I found out I was pg, not that my bowels were great before mind you. I had severe morning sickness all day pretty much everyday, but it was beginning to calm down. My gastric health isn't great as I've got anorexia (it's controlled at the moment and I'm gaining the correct amount of weight and my hospital are closely monitoring me) I've had since I was 11 and I'm now 26 so I've managed to cause myself some stomach problems along the way such as bad reflux and a hiatus hernia. My fiancé and I had also come to terms with the fact we probably couldn't have children, as a result so this pregnancy has come as a very happy surprise. My small frame and muscle tone has meant that I haven't been showing at all really with clothes on, I just look like I've got more of a tummy, up until I these symptoms started and have caused my stomach to distend A LOT from just below my breast bone. I've had to wear a really loose top as my stomach feels so uncomfortable that I can't stand anything touching it.

At first I had put my symptoms down to possible food poisoning as I went out to a newly opened steak restaurant last night with my OH and family and none of us had a great experience. I had some Spanish style mushroom croquettes (the ones consisting of a béchamel filling not the potato ones) and steak with polenta mash. I had my steak rare (I know that's supposed to be off limits but my specialist eating disorder midwife told me I would be OK as long as it was good quality and fresh. She also gave me the ok to eat sashimi and sushi as its my favourite, not to mention full of good stuff for me and the baby and it's hard for me to find things I like to eat as it is. So I have eaten a lot of raw fish (mostly at home) throughout and been just fine. My OH and two brother in laws had their steaks rare and they have been fine. I've also never had a bout of food poisoning cause this much pain in my stomach, I was literally crying in agony this morning. I usually have a pretty high pain threshold but this morning. The pain has subsided a bit since then as I had a paracetamol once I felt I'd be able to keep it down but I'm still in agony, I even shouted at our dog (which is unlike me) and pushed him away when he tried to get on my lap for a cuddle. My baby has been moving just fine all day and kicking like she normally does so that is at least reassuring. I am however worried as I can't keep solid food down at all. I have managed a fortisip (high nutrient and calorie drink I have been prescribed) however I'm now worrying that this bug or whatever it is doesn't seem to be getting better and if it goes on tomorrow will really start affecting my weight gain, as for the first time during my pregnancy I just came shy of my weight gain goal last week, which has meant they wanted me to try and catch up this week. That in itself is stressing me out as I don't want to hurt my baby by not gaining enough or even possibly losing weight. I've attempted some dry toast throughout the day but it just left me running straight to the toilet, I've managed to stay hydrated by just having little sips (that's what I've also done with the fortisip as when I first tried I took a big gulp and instantly regretted it. I'm forcing myself to start another before bed, but the thought alone is making me want to be sick but along with things coming out the other end I can't risk not getting enough calories in before my weigh in on Tuesday) The other reason making me think this may not be down to what I eat is how soon it came on after eating, i was sick within 2 hours, with the pain starting before we'd even left. If it was down to the food I would've thought it would have took longer. I also would've thought that by now it would've worn off especially as the first time I was sick it was mostly undigested food then by this morning it was just bile (again sorry for TMI)

Or my other theory was that the pain and upset stomach were unrelated. With the pain being from the baby growing and stretching my upper abdominal muscles, but the pain has been much worse than the cramps I got in early pregnancy from ligament pain and my stomach is really distended higher up away from where my baby is lying and kicking.

So I guess I'm looking for clues or just some reassurance that anyone else has experienced this. Once again sorry for waffling.


Havingkittens04 Sun 11-Sep-16 22:22:40

I had terrible upper stomach pain in my last pregnancy due to hyperemesis. I lost 2 stone by 12 weeks due to the constant vomiting. I couldn't walk and was in a wheelchair on the 2 occasions I was admitted to hospital. I had some loose stools too. I put the pain down to pulling stomach muscles with all the retching and vomiting, and also the stomach acid. I only had to take a sip of water and I'd vomit stomach acid.

Call your midwife in the morning, though, hopefully so she can put your mind at rest, or suggest something to help flowers

EllenDegenerate Sun 11-Sep-16 22:31:20

I don't mean to alarm you but I think that you should call your maternity unit.
Pain in the ribs/upper abdomen along with nausea are symptoms of pre eclampsia.
This can potentially be very serious and will need treating immediately if that's what is causing your symptoms.
Has your blood pressure been monitored recently? High BP is another symptom.
Please call for some advice as soon as you can.

jb007 Sun 11-Sep-16 22:37:11

Is the pain in the centre near your breastbone? Is there anyway you could have gallstones?

mangocoveredlamb Sun 11-Sep-16 22:43:27

I would call. This sound like gallstones or similar due to all the rich food, can be common in pregnancy due to everything shifting about.

becciandbump Mon 12-Sep-16 07:07:57

Id call midwife Id heard this is a sign of of eclampsia too (upper stomach pain and vomiting) Id just get the once over at maternity unit x

EreniTheFrog Mon 12-Sep-16 07:44:35

I agree.. call the maternity unit. It does sound potentially quite serious. Let us know how you get on.

beccasfirstbump Thu 15-Sep-16 12:31:17

Saw my midwife and she seemed to think everything was fine as my bp was ok, and just to keep eye on it.

Thankfully it seems to have pretty much resided now. After your advice though I will be going back if it comes back. Thank you

SharkBastard Thu 15-Sep-16 13:21:50

Gallstones came to mind! I had them during my pregnancy, bloody painful and I vomited and had loose bowels too. Nothing they could do till I had DD but they monitored it

Definitely let them know if it happens again and push for a scan of the gall bladder

becciandbump Fri 16-Sep-16 00:05:37

Glad your ok becca in my experience most midwives are always happier if they check you out. You wil never be a bother to them as their interest is keeping you and baby safe for next 9 months

moobeana Sun 18-Sep-16 07:55:42

I couldn't read and run on this one. I had a very similar experience whilst pregnant with DD1.

I would get the most incredible pain in my upper abdomen which felt rock hard and painful to the touch. The first time it happened was so frightening, I couldn't move at all, my DH called an ambulance and I was carried out of the house and had to use gas and air for the pain. Is was at 18 weeks. After 4 hours it passed.

It happened again 4 weeks later and again ambulance came and took me to hospital. This time as I was above 20 weeks they took my to labour wars, not a and e. They eventually diagnosed a closed off stomach! Basically my baby was pressing herself against e bottom of my stomach and kinking the exit, meaning gas and acid built up and distended my stomach to painful levels.

I was out on domperidone and ranitidine which largely helped. I had to stay upright for 2 hours after any food (even a snack) and I still would get attacks every 3 weeks, but because we knew what they were I stayed at home with heat and painkillers and waited for it to pass.

They said it was odd and unusual but not unheard of. It didn't recur with my next pregnancy thankfully!

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