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Travel system for small car

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AllAboutCats83 Sun 11-Sep-16 09:11:58

Hi all, I have an old, old Toyota Yaris and we've been looking at travel systems (Pram with detachable car seat etc). Can anyone recommend a travel system with a car seat that fits onto an isofix base AND folds down easily and super small? The amount of choice on the market is a bit mind boggling. Thanks!

Dlah Sun 11-Sep-16 10:10:26

I know my friend picked the iCandy raspberry for similar reasons - I haven't seen it in the flesh just a video she sent to me so might be worth looking at if budget allows?

Personally I've gone for Oyster 2 and I've got a 207 which hasn't got the biggest of boots but I think the frame is fairly compact

Diddlydokey Sun 11-Sep-16 10:11:46

Baby jogger city mini

winewinewhine Sun 11-Sep-16 10:13:26

Joie chrome. The buggy fits folded in the boot of my Hyundai i10 and it's reasonably priced. Very easy to push too, with a huge basket.

winewinewhine Sun 11-Sep-16 10:14:42

You can use the chrome with maxi cosy adaptors or you can use the very good Gemm car seat which fits on an isofix base too. There are often deals to get the car seat free in a bundle.

welshweasel Sun 11-Sep-16 10:14:47

Do you definitely need a travel system? Only asking as I thought it would be essential but actually can count on one hand the number of times we actually used the car seat attached to the pram. If I had my time again I wouldn't bother, I'd just get a pushchair that can lie flat so suitable from birth. Just a thought.

winewinewhine Sun 11-Sep-16 10:16:04 free car seat and carry cot, you would just need to but an isofix base.

Dizzydodo Sun 11-Sep-16 10:18:47

Joie chrome, had to buy the isofix base separately but the car seat/pushchair/carrycot bundle was good value and fit in my small car, you can fold the pushchair with the seat unit attached which saves space too.

NapQueen Sun 11-Sep-16 10:19:45

The armadillo flip folds down very small. It also has the choice of a carrycot for non car days (or if you have room out the carrycot on the back seat)..

user1463652193 Sun 11-Sep-16 10:22:14

We've got a Toyota Yaris and have brought a mamas and papas armadillo flip xt, which folds small and can fit in the boot but only with the parcel shelf taken out and a maxi cost pebble plus with isofix base, fits fine. Hope that helps!

spacepoodle Sun 11-Sep-16 10:23:47

Babyzen Yoyo is the smallest out there, I believe. It folds down to within cabin luggage size restrictions so is tiny but I found it to be a little flimsy feeling and the basket isn't that big.

We got a Bugaboo Bee3 which seemed to be the next smallest option for our tiny (convertible!) boot. Pricey but seems like it will last a good few years/babies.

LetsJunglyJumpToIt Sun 11-Sep-16 13:01:31

I've got a Bugaboo Bee and it folds down small. Currently using it for DC2, it's still going strong and great for a toddler as well as a baby. I really love our Bee.

AllAboutCats83 Sun 11-Sep-16 13:46:52

Thanks everyone! I'll have a good look at all of these and compare prices smile

roodleboodle Sun 11-Sep-16 20:53:43

We've got a 2009 Yaris and have used a Baby Jogger City Mini with a Maxi Cosi Pebble and FamilyFix base. (Had to buy adaptors to be able to put the car seat on the pushchair - I think they were about £25.) Once LO grew out of the Pebble, we bought the Maxi Cosi Pearl which fits onto the same ISOfix base.

It all fits easily in the car and have been really good products. However, we only used it as a "travel system" a couple of times, largely because the pushchair is quite hard to control once the carseat is plugged on top (because the weight is so high), plus LO would always wake up when we took the carseat out of the car anyway, at which point it was easier just to have him in the pushchair.

SimileMilly Sun 11-Sep-16 23:11:47

We can fit our iCandy Peach chassis in the boot of DH's mini.

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