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12 week scan

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MrsBellefleur Sun 11-Sep-16 09:02:29

I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant. After my booking appointment at 8 weeks I got a letter through for my 12 week scan but at the wrong hospital.

I rang the midwife and left a message and she rang me a few days later and said that she'd ring the scanning department and sort it. This was just over 2 weeks ago now and I've not had another letter. I phoned the midwife last week and left another message but have not had a call back.

I will be phoning again tomorrow but I feel stuck. I'm desperate to know everything's ok. Money's tight and we're going on holiday next Friday so no money or time to have a private scan.

Has anyone else had this delay in their 12 week scan? I'm worried I'm going to miss the time frame for accurate dating and nuchal screening but I really just want to know everything's ok!

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