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DoubleCarrick Sat 10-Sep-16 08:28:03

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and working in a clients house this morning. My breakfast is churning around my stomach and I keep gagging.

I really really don't want to be sick in my client's toilet!! I'm here for a bit longer before going to another clients.

I don't know what to do blush

WinterRose92 Sat 10-Sep-16 11:25:40

Do you work in care? If so, I know exactly how you feel! It's an awful feeling, but if you need to be sick, you need to be sick! Do you have any Rennies to suck on? They make me feel a little better, tend to take the feeling of sickness away for a bit at least. Try not to worry too much about being in a client's house, you can't help it. If it makes you feel any better I've had to use a client's loo a few times due to a dodgy stomach. It can't be helped, although it can be quite embarrassing! Hope you start feeling a bit better soon! X

Havingkittens04 Sun 11-Sep-16 04:50:12

Do you drive to your client's house? Could you buy some sick bags (ebay) to keep in your car with wet wipes and tissues and dash out to be sick if this happens again? I've had hyperemesis pregnancies so I know this feeling well flowers x

popthisoneout Sun 11-Sep-16 05:23:44

I fencing the sick bags but if you are a HCP I would speak to management about changing your duties.

I wasn't allowed to do home visits with an HG pregnancy until I had the vomiting under control. Speak to Occ health if you have to.

DoubleCarrick Sun 11-Sep-16 08:47:41

Good morning all,

I survived yesterday morning, just! Thankyou all for your advice.

What I should have done is just announced that I was going home and left. I'm a self employed tutor so could have just said my goodbyes but I was off so much for my first 12 weeks and apparently I "look really well" envy so don't want to be too unreliable.

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