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Diarrhea [blush]

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MrsChrisPratt Fri 09-Sep-16 21:15:22

I'm 12+2 and will go for approx 48 hours without a bowel movement, then will experience really bad winds cramps followed by explosive diarrhea accompanied by stomach cramps. Is this normal? I've not had a lot of sickness and when I do feel sick going to the loo (per above) often relieves it.

I am very anxious anyway as this is an IVF pregnancy that started off as twins and one died at 8/9 weeks so don't trust my judgement on what constitutes a really worry. My gut (no pun intended) is telling me this is just one of those things to be ridden out.

UnicornPee Fri 09-Sep-16 21:51:14

Hi Mrs Chris Pratt (btw he's mine!!) ;-)
I am 12+1 so just a day behind you.
I'm having "poop issues" too so you're not alone.
I'm too embarrassed to even type the words lol but similar to you.
It is very common by the way smile

MrsChrisPratt Fri 09-Sep-16 22:04:47

Oh that's good to know unicorn, I am so panicky blush have you had your dating scan yet?

UnicornPee Sat 10-Sep-16 08:33:27

Yep, on Monday. Have you had yours?

Bubbinsmakesthree Sat 10-Sep-16 08:50:48

About 9 weeks here and also having "poo issues"

Or to be less genteel about it, explosive diarrhoea, sometimes with simultaneous vomiting. Pregnancy is all glamour!

MrsChrisPratt Sat 10-Sep-16 09:03:07

Haha bubbins, it certainly is all glamour!

unicorn I had mine on Wednesday, LO was having a right party in there!

Helbelle75 Sat 10-Sep-16 15:42:46

Me too! I'm 9 weeks today and had 'issues' yesterday and today. I'm a teacher, so yesterday was really fun.

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