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suspected Eptopic,any other similar stories?

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Prinny94 Fri 09-Sep-16 07:42:40

I was in a lot of pain yesterday and was sent to hospital by the gp as he said I might be going through an eptopic pregnant, I had a scan and the doctor said she could possibly see the sac in my womb but isn't sure, Ive got to go back for another blood test and another scan on Monday (I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant) any body been in a similar situation? I'm not too worried as the doctor showed me the scan and what she thought is the sac in my womb but any advice and similar stories would be appreciated smile (fingers crossed)

LondonRoo Fri 09-Sep-16 08:28:57

I had lots of cramps around the 5 week mark... Had an early scan and they could see the gestational and yolk sacs in the uterus - It was pretty clear but they asked me to come back at 7 weeks and I could see the little heart beating away and a wibbling blob that looked a lot like a jelly baby. Hopefully you will get to see that at your next scan - it's lovely to see.

LondonRoo Fri 09-Sep-16 08:30:57

Cramping is normal with implantation btw and can hurt quite a bit. Mine was all on one side (hence concerns re ectopic). Sonographer said it was from the side I had ovulated on.

Christmasbaby16 Fri 09-Sep-16 20:16:16

I had this to the point the pain caused me to collapse. Scan showed all was well despite all classic signs of ectopic (to the point I was being prepped for theatre!) .
Good luck x

Prinny94 Fri 09-Sep-16 20:35:36

Thank you for your stories smile I hope everything goes well, I'm sure it will smile I feel like at times the pain is so intense that I'm going to faint and go really sweaty but hopefully it's just my body adjusting smile

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