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90th centile at 25 weeks.. Should I worry?

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bumbleclat Wed 07-Sep-16 20:52:20

I have always been a bit prone to sugar levels dropping and needing to graze but have (though tested a lot) never had diabetes
I have been obsessed with fruit throughout my pregnancy and have at times felt I needed sugar because of fours months of nausea have pretty much taken the breaks off and have eaten what and when I've wanted.

At my MW appointment today she put my baby at the 90 centile and now Im worried that all my eating has caused the baby to be large.

This is my first baby so please correct me if Im barking up the wiring tree but has anyone else had my kind of sugar needs when pregnant that led to GD?

I have been eating healthy meals as well and am not overweight to look at Im 5 foot 7 and 11 stone.

Thank you

PeachBellini123 Thu 08-Sep-16 04:20:16

I don't think eating lots of fruit would cause that. As far I know the biggest impact can be how big you were when you concieved although plenty of slim women have big babies.

Did you talk to your midwife about GD concerns?

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