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Telling employer when I don't have a contract yet.

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SquedgieBeckenheim Wed 07-Sep-16 14:04:52

I'm 12 weeks pregnant with DC2. I was waiting till 12 weeks to tell employer. Started at this job in February, so been here over 6 months. Had a 6 month probationary period, and was told I'd get my contract after 3 months. I've been asking for my contract pretty much since day 1 though as I feel uncomfortable not having one. I've never started a job without signing a contract straight away!
I keep being told I'll get it soon, they're just formalising some bits etc etc. I've contacted my union about it, but want to avoid getting them formally involved, I just asked them where I stand legally.
I don't want to announce my pregnancy until I'm sure my position is secure, by having a formal contract. But equally I don't want to have to hide it much longer. I already feel like I'm starting to show, although it probably isn't noticeable to others. I'm not having an easy pregnancy and am high risk, so don't want to have to hide my issues any longer at work.
What would you do? Anyone know where I stand with pregnancy and discrimination if I have no contract? I don't think they are going to try to get rid of me, but who knows once they know I'll be going on mat leave next year?

Becciilouisex3 Wed 07-Sep-16 14:27:28

Have you got any written confirmation of you passing pronation? If so they wouldn't be able to dismiss you without good reason. Also, I found out I was 3 months pregnant when I was only a month into my job which has a 6 month probation period! I told my employer straight away, have passed probation and had no problems. Even if you're in a probationary period, you cannot be dismissed due to your pregnancy. They could get sued big time and they'll be aware of that. You would have to make a big enough mistake for them to justify not passing you. smile

SquedgieBeckenheim Wed 07-Sep-16 15:09:54

There's no written "you've passed" but I had a good 3 month review. They're still paying me, and paying for me to do extra qualifications. So implication is there.
I just feel uncomfortable not having a contract, have that seed of doubt in my mind.

Becciilouisex3 Wed 07-Sep-16 16:21:20

I completely understand as I was convinced they'd find something to sack me for because being pregnant was inconvenient for them. In actual fact they were amazingly supportive and class me as an asset to the team! I would definitely say it's safe to say your employers see you the same way as you say the implication is there for you to stay!

The thought is usually much worse than how the actual situation plays out because we always imagine the worst case scenarios! If you've been working 6 months you'll be entitled legally to SMP anyway and as I say, they can't get rid of you without good reason. Even in a probationary period they have to have a genuine reason they can evidence to get rid of you smile

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