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29 weeks low platelet count

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LittleLionMansMummy Wed 07-Sep-16 13:14:44

Had bloods done on Fri but have to have more done due to low platelet count. Have never had this before and pregnancy has been very normal until now, although I've recently had itching under my arms/ breasts which I put down to heat as I was in France. Now worried it's something more. Has anyone had this? What did it mean? I've redone the tests today, including full blood count, so should find out in a few days.

NEmum Fri 09-Sep-16 10:08:10

Hi there, I have had low platelets throughout my pregnancy.

It shouldn't be related to itching but basically means that you are at risk of bleeding out during delivery, low platelets meaning it takes longer for your bloody to clot & bleeding to stop.

But don't stress about it! If they know about it they will be prepared during your labour - have blood on standby etc. I am classed as high risk because of this & they monitor my platelets regularly. My platelets are currently around 90 which doesn't affect anything really, if they drop below 80 then it means that I can't have an epidural (although your hospital might have a slightly different view on this, I have read some hospitals will give an epidural when bloods are 70).

What was your number? Try not to stress x

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