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Niggles - wait 5 weeks till see midwife or head to GP?

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Titchypanda Wed 07-Sep-16 09:18:35

Hi all, I'm 20w and heading for scan tomorrow, this last week I've noticed a lot more niggles and problems. I'm presuming there isn't a point in telling sonographer, so wondering to I wait till 25w midwife appointment or go and see GP?

I'm getting lots of dizzy spells, my legs and back are so sore (siatica has come back) but somebody decided to worry me by suggesting blood clots as I stand for 5-10 hours a time at work and it's a very physical job. I can just about cope with the nausea and headaches, but I have pins and needles a lot down my left side and have become super itchy.

Any advice?

Ilikegin Wed 07-Sep-16 09:31:30

I would go see your GP!
I had pins and needles a lot, was told it was baby pressing on a nerve so wouldn't worry too much about that. Although still best to check.

Where are you getting the itching? If it's severe and mostly on hands and feet and gets worse at night it could be Obstetric Cholestasis which you would need a blood test to check for, it can be a problem so I would definitely get yourself checked out, I went with itching and had to go weekly for blood tests and eventually my levels spiked and I had to be induced.
Hope you feel better soon! flowers

Titchypanda Wed 07-Sep-16 10:06:35

It's all over itchiness really. I'll try and get in to see GP, but that is a mission in itself!

Nikki2ol6 Wed 07-Sep-16 10:27:37

You can make an earlier app with midwife as I did when I wasn't feeling well. I seen her at 16 weeks and she said come back at 25!!! But I went back at 18 because I felt dizzy on and off and sickly and sweaty and just not good!!! She brought a doctor into the room when I told her what was wrong and turns out I had an ear infection!! Lol

Titchypanda Wed 07-Sep-16 10:32:49

Unfortunately our midwife care is terrible. We have no permanent midwife, the surgery is always overbooked and running 4-5 appointments late. They rush you through and don't actually listen to your concerns and moan about how many people they have to see and don't communicate with hospital team which has resulted in being booked in for the same tests twice and then me having to chase up which ones I actually need to attend. For the most part the hospital midwives and our consultant is great. It's just frustrating how poor the community team is.

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