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Am I going through MC..?

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Raaj2016 Wed 07-Sep-16 06:14:25


Hi everyone
My LMP waa 16th July. Got Pregnancy test +ve on 17th August. Had on and off bleeding in 4-5 weeks. Gyn prescribed Progesterone 200mg. Since 2 days, I'm bleeding with clots, mild pain and no pregnancy symptoms. Is this me going through miscarriage? I'm sacred. Been trying for 2 years, have pcos, d&c done 2months before.. my Doc asks me to wait for a week.

LottieL Wed 07-Sep-16 10:22:18

It could be anything really. Some people bleed right through their pregnancies and it's all ok, and sadly some bleed and it's a miscarriage. Is there an early pregnancy unit at your local hospital? You could contact them and ask for advice. Maybe they will arrange a blood test for you. If the bleeding increases to soaking through a pad quickly or you are in too much pain head to A&E to be on the safe side.
I know it's hard, having suffered a loss myself. The waiting and not knowing is the absolute worst but please don't give up all hope as it could all be ok. Be kind to yourself.

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