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Surely this shouldn't feel like this

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usernoidea Tue 06-Sep-16 16:37:43

Had an amnisure test today to check waters hadn't broken - am 40 weeks. Had one at 26 weeks (total breeze) but today's was incredibly sore, as is she was either pressing on something (like an open wound with a hot poker) or was in the wrong place. I was squirming about in tears whilst she kept saying this shouldn't hurt etc....
When she took it out the swab was bloody and since then every time I go for a pee the pain is unbearable plus blood streaked.
This shouldn't have been like this should it ?! She said maybe you've got thrush but then did an internal and said no thrush noted
Was just going to call Drs first thing tomo?
Any other advice?! X

Sanch1 Tue 06-Sep-16 18:32:29

As you're 40 weeks I'd phone maternity triagw, they are there for advice as well as labour/delivery.

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