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How often would you ring up for your results ???

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Nikki2ol6 Tue 06-Sep-16 11:21:08

I had my 20 week scan where heart abnormalitys were found and we got sent to fetal medicine a few days later and this was all confirmed and we were give 1in5 chance of chromosome abnromality. We had our 12 week screening done which came back clear but decided since the chance was sooooo high we have to know what we are dealing with. The we were told some of these are not compatible with life. We got the amnio done that very same morning, the next day a call came saying it wasn't Down's Edwards or pataus! Such a huge relief! But there is hundreds more it could be and takes 2 weeks for results.

Today is day 14!!!! I am stressing badly knowing any day now I will get my results. I know that no news is good news but they said they would call me if anything is found. And a letter if all is well. So yesterday I rang and said my phone was broken all weekend were my results in. They were not bk and she said to call Wednesday. I know that's not until tomorrow but I'm stressing so bad about this right now!!!! How often would you call??

Dixiechick17 Tue 06-Sep-16 12:55:43

I think in your situation it is perfectly acceptable to call on the off chance that they may be in today. They might have specific days that results come back though, I can't see any harm in calling just to check though, am sure they'd understand. Hope all is ok flowers

Nikki2ol6 Tue 06-Sep-16 14:12:05

I called but no secretary in today so have to call tomorrow I said I was sorry I kept ringing everyday bt she said it's perfectly fine and completely understandable

Nikki2ol6 Wed 07-Sep-16 10:25:22

I called back today and she wasn't at her desk atm so I'm waiting for a call back !! It's been an hour since I rang!

Dixiechick17 Wed 07-Sep-16 12:57:17

Hope you get to speak with someone today

Nikki2ol6 Wed 07-Sep-16 13:30:58

I had to ring back at 1, then got told again I would be called soon, this time they did call me and told me evrything has came back normal

Dixiechick17 Wed 07-Sep-16 15:55:18

Ah that's great news, you must be so relieved!!!

Bubbinsmakesthree Wed 07-Sep-16 17:35:03

Great news! We had a very similar experience and I remember the wait was agony. DS is perfect and his heart 'abnormality' has no impact on him.

Nikki2ol6 Wed 07-Sep-16 21:41:18

It is a relief but the heart alone worrys us badly. He will need open heart surgery and we are terrified

LBNM19 Thu 08-Sep-16 00:09:42

I'd call as many times as you need to.

I carry a genetic condtion I have a 1 in 4 chance of passing on. My first son is affected by it and I have had a CVS test with my youngest son and with the baby I am pregnant with now.

I called loads, I called to ask when they will be back. Then I called to see if they were back, on the morning I knew they were meant to be coming back I called about 3 times. They were really nice about it and knew I was anxious.

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