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Am I mad to be considering this?

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TheSkyIsAwake Mon 05-Sep-16 11:53:50

Found out this morning that I'm pregnant. Very early days (4 weeks or so) and I'm panicking a bit.

Me and DP had talked about having another (we have 3- 7,6 and 2 plus 10 y/o DSD) but were worried about the impact on DS (7 with adhd and possibly other issues yet to be diagnosed).

I haven't told DP yet. I just wanted some opinions on whether it is frankly stupid to have another baby with DS already having problems.

I'm torn between the idea that another child will break us or that it's another person to be there for DS and who will love him regardless. Financially it might be a bit tight but DP has a good job with good career prospects.

I'm a bit fragile and rambling so please be gentle!

skatesection Mon 05-Sep-16 16:43:16

Congrats! I guess it depends how severe your son's issues are? I think you'll love the baby (and therefore not regret having them), it's just a matter of how much there is of you two to spread around and if you think you might run yourself ragged trying to keep everyone happy.

LynseyH Mon 05-Sep-16 20:03:07

Hi, my eldest son (10yr old) has ADHD and 2 other diagnosed issues, knowing how hard I found it to initially raise him, I never wanted more kids.
Then the maternal side kicked in and 2nd son was born when eldest was 6. Literally 10 months later, 3rd son arrived! Now 3 yrs on I am expecting a little girl.
I don't think you are mad or crazy or anything like that if you'd like this baby. Do what is right for you and your family. My eldest has been mean at times to his little brothers but they love him regardless.

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