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Blocked nose ALL THE TIME

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herewegoagain4749 Mon 05-Sep-16 11:49:49

So, a few months before getting preg with my second, I started getting nasal congestion (not snot - just reduced airflow possible through both nostrils). Saw Dr who said it was likely just hay fever (it is definitely not - had HF every year of my life - this is different). Anyway, I cannot sleep if I can't breath through my nose, so was dependent on nasal sprays like Sudafed (which are magic). Since getting preg, nose is still constantly blocked, and I've got steroid nasal spray which so far is completely ineffective. I'm still using the original spray minimally, but I honestly won't sleep, and have recurring dreams about being drowned/suffocated/buried alive etc if I don't use it!!

Anyone else suffered something like this? Tips?

FuzzyOwl Mon 05-Sep-16 11:53:14

Pregnancy always gives me a blocked nose. It is the first symptom I ever get and only goes away when I give birth so are you sure the issue now isn't just hormones inflaming your nasal passageway and, if so, I don't think anything apart from giving birth does get rid of it.

KateTheShrew Mon 05-Sep-16 12:07:35

Yup, it's pregnancy rhinitis, and like FuzzyOwlsays it's the hormones causing your nasal passages to swell. If you were already congested before you got pregnant, I'm afraid you've probably got it even worse. Sympathy for you - it's horrid - I had it last pregnancy and I've got it again now.

I've also got a steroid spray (budesonide) which does seem to help me, but I'm supposed to stop taking it in a couple of weeks. The only other thing I can suggest is something like this:

you can get it on amazon or in big Boots stores. I've just started using it and so far it's really helped (and it's not half as unpleasant to use as I thought it would be).

2sCompany Mon 05-Sep-16 15:57:06

Had that with my last pregnancy. I used Otrivine to be able to breathe at night. It's a miracle worker! Think you're supposed to clear it with a Dr before you use it whilst pregnant though.

I feel for you. I hate having an even slightly blocked nose.

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