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Nausea after eating

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drinkyourmilk Mon 05-Sep-16 09:20:32

I'm 10 weeks today and apart from the first couple of weeks have managed to avoid sickness. The past few days I've noticed I feel really sick at the thought of, and after, eating. I end up lying down for an hour or so (which is fine when working from home- but does make it a long day as I've got to make the time up). I also feel so bloated at the top of my stomach. I suspect it's all down to a sluggish digestive system, and there's nothing I can do about it except eat small light meals, but misery loves company! Has anyone else has this please, and did you find an acceptable solution?

Sugarcoma Mon 05-Sep-16 10:48:50

I've had quite a bit of nausea and lack of appetite. At the moment I'm eating but yes, the sluggish digestion and bloating is a nightmare, especially in the evening when I get it really badly. My stomach becomes so sensitive to touch I feel a bit sick even having the duvet on top of it.

A few weeks ago I had spaghetti bolognese at 6.30pm (thinking I'd be OK by the time I went to bed) but it still kept coming up my throat by 11.30pm. Have reduced my evening meal portions by half to try and combat this and top up with a piece of toast before bed if I'm still hungry.

TL;DR... I sympathise!

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