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Plus size pregnancy!

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louiseplusditi Sun 04-Sep-16 20:54:52

I was just wandering if anyone here is on the larger side (like me) and pregnant?
I don't know when I'll see a bump (or if I ever will!)

CinderellaFant Sun 04-Sep-16 20:59:23

Hi Louise. I'm plus sized (size 20 before pregnancy) and I'm now 18 weeks and have a very noticible bump!

Jodie1982 Sun 04-Sep-16 21:07:27

Me. BMI of 36 😨 i'm 21 wks (6th pregnancy ) with full on bump. Feel absolutely disgusting and fat 😔 I lost almost 2st just before falling pregnant and have put a stone on already.
Attached a pic from 20 wks.

elliej83 Sun 04-Sep-16 21:15:41

If it helps I'm not a plus size pregnancy... Size 8-10 and my bump didn't show up until 26 weeks smile

DanniAngelMummy Sun 04-Sep-16 21:22:33

You ladies look fab!!
I wasn't a plus sized pregnancy.. I lost 4 and half stone before I got pregnant and was a size 12... I'm massive now!! You look much better!!! X

louiseplusditi Sun 04-Sep-16 21:25:29

I'm size 24 and get some days where I feel like there might be a baby bump
Down there cos I feel stretched out/bloated so much!
Sometimes I look in the mirror and think "is that it there?" But it seems too high up. I understand a lot of women my size get a B shaped bump at first.
I wander if any of you have a trapped wind feeling but around the front? I am getting all kinds of aches and pains x

Dlah Sun 04-Sep-16 21:25:50

This is quite a poignant/difficult one for me, I was a size 18 when got pregnant, 5'8, I've put on just over a stone and I'm now 32+3 weeks and this was me last week.

I feel sad that I'm missing out on a proper bump, as it clearly won't be rounding out anytime in this pregnancy, either way I'm still so grateful to be growing my little girl, bump or no bump

louiseplusditi Sun 04-Sep-16 21:25:57

I agree Danni they do look lovely :-)

Trulyamnearanear Sun 04-Sep-16 22:14:39

High high BMI here. 19 weeks and just look fat, which is good as I'm not going to announce to work / rl until 21 week scan. I don't know what my body is doing though, as I've been snacking away morning sickness but not actually gained yet. I feel the scales must be lying to me.
I am scared of what the consultant will say.

KurlyWurly88 Sun 04-Sep-16 22:29:42

I was a size 12 (not plus sized) but also didn't show at all until 30 weeks, even then my bump was TINY! No one really noticed it, or thought I was in earlier stages. I also felt I was 'missing out' on my bump, but my baby was perfectly fine and healthy, which is the main thing. Don't let any comments get to you, and remember your body is growing a baby in it's own way - it knows best! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, it's over so quickly! Lots love xx

louiseplusditi Mon 05-Sep-16 12:27:13

trulyamnearanear what is rl?
I'm not sure if I've gained weight ! Some days I struggle to eat and other days I could eat a scabby horse!
I'm diabetic and have to take insulin now at night and with some meals cos my hormones are apparently making my sugar levels rise.
I have to see a doctor at the maternity hospital every 2 weeks and get kinda frustrated cos one guy I see in particular doesn't quite understand - some days I can eat really well but lately I am snacking and probably on all the wrong things. My appetite has changed so much and I could enjoy a meal one day and the next time I eat it I could puke it all back up and I am put off of it! So just getting by on what I can eat for now.

Just out of curiosity where abouts would a baby bump appear at 18 weeks or just after? I notice a rounder area and not sure if that's it or not!

I was told I'd struggle a lot to get pregnant IF I could at this is a shock/exciting times/terrifying experience all in one for me and having a bump would make it seem more real...right now I just feel fat, aching & ill!
I have my 20 week anomaly scan on 23rd September and terrified of no heart beat or problems!
I am hoping all is well & I guess after that I won't worry so much if I have a bump at all or not, the health and protection of my child is more important xx

anametouse Mon 05-Sep-16 12:29:44

My BMI is 33 and I'm currently 27 weeks, you really can't tell I'm pregnant, just look a bit fatter

SharkBastard Mon 05-Sep-16 14:42:19

I'm plus sized but newly pregnant. I was plus sized when I had my DD 8 years ago and looked very much pregnant from 18 weeks onward.

All bumps look great! I'm just dreading the battle I'll have with the NHS

louiseplusditi Mon 05-Sep-16 14:51:52

What do you mean about the battle with the nhs? X

Talcott2007 Mon 05-Sep-16 15:17:51

I didn't have a very noticeable baby bump and just I looked like id gotten fatter for ages with my DD which was especially hard because I'd just lost 3st with SW and my pregancy was unexpected - had one colleague gleefully tell me that before I announced the pregancy everyone in the office had been discussing this fact that I must have 'fallen off the wagon'

I did end up with a lovely round bump which seemed to sprout over night at about 28 weeks. DD is 14weeks now and becuase i have continued with SW I am already notiable smaller than before I got pregnant (still quite a bit to go though!) - but you should have seen the look on that colleagues face when I went back in to introduce DD!

SharkBastard Mon 05-Sep-16 15:44:04

I love the NHS but the staff were awful to me with DD1 so I'm hoping they have got better with dealing with higher BMI pregnancies.

I was reduced to tears many times and even had a sonographer poke my belly saying "this is the problem"...I'm a lot older and lot less tolerant of rudeness and bullying now so I won't stand for such treatment

anametouse Mon 05-Sep-16 15:55:48

By the way, there is a plus sized pregnancy group on this site if you wanted to join ladies in the same position

louiseplusditi Mon 05-Sep-16 16:05:40

Hi Talcott how cheeky of them to say that you had fallen off the wagon! Well done on your weight loss!

Shark that is awful how they treated you! The second time I went for a viability scan the lady was lovely! Then when I went for the 12 week scan they tilted the bed more and had even written on my letter that the scan was more difficult because of my size! I honestly wanted to ask if I was the first fat woman she had scanned because that's how she treated me!
When I first went to see the diabetic maternity doctors I felt awful because he told me all the doom and gloom stories about bigger people being pregnant! He told me NOT to loose weight during pregnancy which I was shocked about.
I am getting myself down at the moment because I feel so rough sad I am 18 weeks and finding it hard to eat meals! I can feel hungry and eat a few mouthfuls and feel bloated and like I'll be sick at any time :-( so I am snacking on wrong foods!
I can't seem to win & dread going back on Thursday!

anametouse I tried to search for it but couldn't find it which is why I posted this one, x

CinderellaFant Mon 05-Sep-16 16:23:53

Talcott you look amazing!

jennymac31 Sun 11-Sep-16 11:08:47

Morning ladies - Hope it's ok if I can join this thread.

Shark - I too am a plus sized lady and just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. I was plus sized when I had my DD 3 years ago. I think I was quite fortunate with the treatment I had from NHS regarding my BMI. I'm quite concerned that 2nd time round it won't be the same, as I'm much heavier and older (am 36 years old). Got an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday to start the ball rolling with midwife appointments etc so I'll see how things go from there.

All the bump pictures look beautiful and I'm looking forward to my bump growing over the next few months. When I was pregnant with DD I barely had a bump for most of the pregnancy and I only looked visibly pregnant by the time I reached 36 weeks!

SharkBastard Sun 11-Sep-16 11:12:45

Hi Jenny I'm turning 36 in October so I'm fat and old. Will be fun I'm sure ;)

Good luck with the doctor and midwife!

WinterRose92 Sun 11-Sep-16 14:30:00

Hi, guys, I'm plus size, was a size 16 - 18 before I fell pregnant. Not sure how much I've put on in my pregnancy, but I don't feel like it's too much at the moment. Got my GTT on Friday, so I'll probably find out then. Been eating relatively well but do have days where I do eat the wrong things! Trying not to be too hard on myself, all checks and scans have shown that baby/myself are healthy, so that's the main thing! I'm 27 weeks now, but I had a noticeable bump from about 18 weeks. My fiancee, parents and I could see it before then, but 18 - 20 weeks seemed to be when other people started to notice. My bump was a little B shaped at first, but is now quite rounded up, and gets in the way a bit now! Loving the bump pics, all absolutely gorgeous!

mummydoc123 Sun 11-Sep-16 18:13:21

Hi ladies - so sorry to hear how some of you have been treated. I'm a 20 -22 pre pregnancy and have been treated with nothing but kindness/acceptance by NHS staff during my pregnancy (now 38 weeks). And I've got a bump...had from somewhere in the twenty weeks. Admittedly initially more like a space hopper but filled out as time has gone on!

BzyB Mon 12-Sep-16 02:21:46

I was a size 14-16 before pregnancy, 35w now and have put on 5 st shock I did actually think I was eating well and could happily leave chocolate and sweets.
I reckon I'll be a size 20 after initial loss after birth. I'll give it a few weeks then I'm back to SW!
My bump was noticeable as "is she fat or pregnant???" From 3 months, and regularly get asked if its twins.

Mummyandwife85 Tue 13-Sep-16 12:08:23

Hi ladies I just fount out I'm 5weeks pregnant wit my 4,th I have previously gotten VERRY big in pregnancy and this time I'm at my heaviest at 13+stone I'm worried about how much weight i wilk gain this time as my last pregnancy I gained 5stone and never fully lost the weight i did have a 9'5lb baby tho which people kept saying was a big size I'm definitely worried about how I will be treated as me and my hubby have faced a lot of crap cos we are both overweight and a lot of people tried to convince us NOT to try for a baby till we was slimmer etc I'm nervous and pretty alone as no one around me is pregnant or my size so I'd love to have someone else's in a similar situation to chat to brew smile

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