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elliej83 Sun 04-Sep-16 20:54:22

I'm just about to start packing a bag for me and a bag for the baby.

I've been inundated with checklista of the weird and wonderful from lots of companies but I'm wondering what people REALLY pack and what you throw in last minute too.

Prime example is apparently I'm meant to have packed 2 maternity bras and 2 nursing bras. I only have 3 maternity bras so that would leave me a little thin on the ground!

Dlah Sun 04-Sep-16 21:31:17

I only have 2 nursing bras, no maternity lol

I'm just doing same, packing wise, I've got:

Toiletries (mini's so can chuck)
Cheap nightie (chuck if needed)
Lots of big comfy pants
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Couple of flannels to freshen up
Face wipes
Clothes for coming home
Long PJ bottoms for after birth incase have to stop in
Dressing gown

Think that's it?!

mrsbee2be Sun 04-Sep-16 21:32:45

I've just read a post on a FB site with a lady asking where to buy a cheap suitcase from as she already has 2 full ones! Now she must definitely have packed everything from all those lists you've read....
Personally I usually take a rucksack in with the bare minimum (on baby no 4)
-An outfit for baby to come home in & a spare (Vest, sleep suit, Cardie & hat)
-pads (boob & bits)
-comfy pjs, knickers & socks for afterwards
-snacks & drinks for labour
-phone charger

Anything else I need I can send DH home for, but I never plan on ever staying in and like to get home ASAP to relax!

P0llyP0cketR0cket Sun 04-Sep-16 21:33:11

Take a couple of towels too and loads of underwear!

Heirhelp Sun 04-Sep-16 21:35:31

I used nothing of the stuff for labour and it was a long labour. We needed loads more stuff as I had to stay in for a while. Put extra nappies etc in car and make sure things are easy to find at home if you need to send some one to get them.

Sleepybeanbump Sun 04-Sep-16 21:42:03

Black pants. Really big ones that will keep the below mentioned towels in place securely.

Shed loads of maternity towels. The large ones. A good 10 per day at least. Really.

I would suggest leggings to feel sort of snug and secure. Everything feels very odd and the towels are massive. I was advised on here that it's nice to feel snug and have a few layers. V true.

Food drink and snacks for your partner. Hospitals don't always feed partners. (Mine caught me trying to sneak an extra tea cup at breakfast for poor DH and made me put it back!)

Very comfy going home clothes- part of your maternity wardrobe. You will still have a bit of a bump and it will be wobbly and a bit odd - indefinitely wanted to cover up!

Slippers and dressing gown/big comfy jumper. Socks.

Baby is easy- just nappies, and some babygrows, cardigans and weather appropriate layers for going home. Hospitals are hot. Babies don't need hats indoors although a lot of people put them on.

Breast pads. Nursing bras. Lanolin cream.

Sleepybeanbump Sun 04-Sep-16 21:47:16

Agee with back up bag of extras in car or easily accessible at home.

Also different size baby clothes? I had a 9 pounder but the 0-3 sleepsuits were just giant on him and the newborn size (allegedly up to 9lb) were still rather baggy! Other friends sent husbands round to shops for tiny baby clothes for perfectly normal sized babies.

Water bottle is useful for filling with lukewarm water to pour over sore bits when you wee.

BettyOBarley Sun 04-Sep-16 21:54:26

I've packed a labour bag and another bag in case I have to stay in which will stay in the car.

In the labour bag I've got:

Thin dressing gown and slippers
Mini toiletries and towel
Glasses / contact lens stuff
Phone charger and snacks
Maternity pads
Empty carrier bag for washing
Big knickers
1 nursing bra
Clothes to go home
Spare t shirt and deodorant for DH

For baby:

First outfit / hat / scratch mitts and a nappy in a little bag together so DH isn't having to route through the bag to find it all!
Spare nappies
Cotton wool / wipes / nappy sacks

Bubbinsmakesthree Sun 04-Sep-16 22:04:14

I packed a "short-stay" and "long-stay" bag. Short-stay bag had what I needed for labour and an overnight post-delivery, including baby stuff. Then I had a long stay bag with extra clothes for me and baby, extra nappies, extra food and snacks etc. This stayed in the car and then DH brought it up when it was needed (was in for 4 nights).

Things which I would definitely recommend, beyond the obvious stuff:

- sports cap water bottle and energy drink powder sachets (easier than packing loads of bottles of lucozade). Straws also really helpful as it means you can drink without tipping your head back (which can be handy if you find yourself on all fours or something).

-coolmist water spray and mini fan, for when I got hot and uncomfortable during labour.

-laundry bags or plastic bags to bag up the dirty clothes (more than one as helpful to be able to separate stuff that just needs a wash and stuff that is only fit for the bin).

-some gentle but lovely smelling shower gel for you.

ImYourMama Sun 04-Sep-16 22:07:06

Place marking for tips grin

Sleepybeanbump Sun 04-Sep-16 22:25:09

Ohh yes yes re bags. I used little freezer bag to make little baby grab bags for DH containing a few nappies, 1 vest, 1 sleepsuit etc so he didn't have to rummage.

And bin liners for dirties. Definitely.

popthisoneout Sun 04-Sep-16 22:34:45

Flip flops for the shower. A hospital essential.

PickledLilly Sun 04-Sep-16 22:55:31

Ah yes, hospital bag, still on my to do list...

becciandbump Sun 04-Sep-16 23:05:34

Following this as ive just unpacked from holiday and plan to use the empty case to start a hospital bag im not due until early dec but we have a couple weekends away oct and want a bag in case she decided to come ridiculously early (hope not)

Iwantagoonthetrampoline Mon 05-Sep-16 08:30:27

A squeezy sports drink bottle or little jug for rinsing bits/stitches after going to the loo. Don't forget the car seat!

ButtMuncher Mon 05-Sep-16 08:35:55

Someone on my antenatal group suggested this - toilet roll! Some hospitals use very scratchy types, and post birth when you need something softer than rubbing your bits with tracing paper, a decent soft bog roll is v handy.

Just make sure it's not perfumed etc.

oatybiscuits Mon 05-Sep-16 23:22:44

Post natal wards can be cramped so spare bags in the car is a good idea. I'd add lots of food, hospital portions are tiny! And anti bac surface wipes envyI sent my hubby for black pj type trousers as I needed more changes than the baby blush and I wished I'd had my sling for easy skin to skin when lifting the baby in and out of the cot was tricky on my own

needahugbug Tue 06-Sep-16 03:00:47

Place marking whilst currently getting frustrated at the pregnancy insomnia I am suffering sad

elliej83 Tue 06-Sep-16 07:49:39

Needahugbug - How far gone are you? I'm suffering terribly at the moment 33+4. Just feel sick this morning now because I am so tired. All I can think about is my bed

needahugbug Tue 06-Sep-16 08:08:02

Hi elliej83 I'm 31 weeks today. I feel so tired I had prob 2 hours sleep last night. My stomach feels so stretched like it's going to rip sad

Afreshstartplease Tue 06-Sep-16 12:30:45

33+6 with DC4

Going to attempt bag packing this week I think

I have no list as such and am going to have a go at doing it from memory I think so I don't end up taking the kitchen sink

PonkAlert Tue 06-Sep-16 15:44:09

I am 31 weeks and have just packed (DD1 came 6 weeks early on Christmas Eve - all shops shut, no stuff with me, nightmare! I will be prepared this time!) I have:

Gigantic comedy knickers
Flip flops
Maternity pads
Bra pads
Nipple cream
Shampoo/conditioner/shower gel/shower puff thing
Basic body lotion (stretch marks appeared AFTER the birth last time)
Cotton wool balls (post natal ward nurses were adamant you can't use wipes on a newborn)
Baby wipes (for me during labour/when ward nurses aren't looking)
Nappy bags
Travel change mat
Antibacterial hand gel
Aptamil starter pack (intend to breastfeed but didn't work out with DD1)
Muslins (NOT Muslims, despite what autocorrect thinks)
Baby vests
Baby sleep suits
Baby hat
Baby blanket (hadn't bought one yet for DD1, shops shut and so had to use NHS ones which were fine but not great for those first pictures)
Phone charger
Scissors (to get tags off new things/gifts/emergency babygrows if baby very large/small)
Indigestion tablets (took a few days to go away after DD1)
Carrier bag (for dirty clothes)
Freezer bags (to shove toiletries in in case of leaks/they're still wet from the shower)

I intend to leave in the clothes I arrived in, if not will get DH to bring something.

Pandora2016 Sun 18-Sep-16 14:36:57

I'm 36 weeks.. should really get on with it...

Afreshstartplease Sun 18-Sep-16 15:11:25

35+4 so should I ....

PianoOnlyTheWhiteKeys Thu 06-Oct-16 08:18:54

Place marking...

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