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Jmjm123 Sun 04-Sep-16 19:31:54

I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and just need a rant.

I had a late miscarriage last year with a little girl, so this pregnancy has really not been enjoyable. I found out recently I'm having a boy

My partners family seem to enjoy making me feel guilty about being pregnant. They comment on how guilty I must feel going to visit my daughters grave when I'm pregnant with another baby.

I cannot stand my OH at the moment. I'm sure it's probably just hormones but I keep hoping he's not going to be here when I get home from work :|

I've just been looking at baby things (even though I'm not allowing myself to buy anything this time until I'm at least 30 weeks after I returned a pram last time and the shop assistant was a right bitch) and I've been sat on the sofa crying for 20 minutes because I have no idea what to dress a winter baby in and have convinced myself that I'm not going to be able to look after him

This isn't helped by EVERYONE feeling the need to give me advice on what I should be eating/doing/wearing. If I want to eat ice cream, I'll eat ice cream. Leave me be

Anyone else have days where they wish they could just give birth and live in a cave alone?!

Havingkittens04 Sun 04-Sep-16 19:48:04

I'm currently almost 20 weeks pg having lost my son at 17 weeks last October, so I really feel for you flowers

Sorry to hear your oh's family aren't supporting you and are making an already difficult time that much worse. Why on earth would or should you feel guilty for visiting your daughter's grave? You have 2 children, and love them both. You'll always grieve for your daughter, no matter how many children you go on to have. You're her mother. Stupid, insensitive people.

Maybe limit your time with the IL's as they aren't making this time any easier for you. And tell them where to stick their stupid, unwanted opinions. Your DH should tell them too, if he hasn't already, then maybe your perception of him would improve?x

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