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Serious lack of energy

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MyBreadIsEggy Sun 04-Sep-16 08:49:59

I'm 32 weeks pg tomorrow with DC2. I also have a 16 month old Dd.
I remember late pregnancy tiredness from last time, but not this soon and not this bad!
Yesterday, Dd woke at 7am which is normal for us, but I felt so drained and unusually tired all day, until it got to 3pm and DH sent me to bed for a couple of hours. I slept until 4:30pm, and still went to bed feeling absolutely exhausted at 9:30pm. Dd slept solidly last night, so I had completely undisturbed sleep from around 10pm until 6:30am....but I am still feeling completely knackered and drained this morning sad making myself a cup of tea this morning felt like running a marathon! I can feel DC2 pushing up and into my ribs quite often which is making it harder to breathe - could this have anything to do with it? I'm probably just being really pathetic and need to be handed a grip, but the thought of another 8 weeks (potentially more!) of feeling like this, while chasing my crazy, feral toddler is such a horrible one sad

Thenorr Sun 04-Sep-16 09:01:33


I'm 34 weeks and in exactly the same boat as you.

I've got three weeks left at work, can't even pick up my toddler anymore, and walking up a flight of stairs makes me want to cry!

Not feeling the love this morning sad

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 04-Sep-16 09:11:57

Thenorr I can still pick her up at the moment, but it's getting harder! And when she wriggles to get down, I almost drop her sometimes confused
I feel like I could go to bed, and not get out again until I go into labour!

Kariana Sun 04-Sep-16 10:32:55

I've been the same for the last couple of weeks, I almost expected my iron levels to be at rock bottom when my bloods were taken, but they were actually normal. Frustrating as it means there's little I can do about the tiredness. This is my first so don't even have a toddler to run round after - you have my sympathies there!

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 04-Sep-16 10:43:38

Kariana my first thought was low iron levels, but my last lot of bloods were fine too!!
My Dd is a climber too, so I spend most of my day bringing her down from various pieces of furniture, or being used as a trampoline/climbing frame myself hmm

Thenorr Sun 04-Sep-16 10:50:11

I have got low iron levels and low platelets too (which I didn't even know was a thing until a couple of weeks ago!) but I have to say the tablets don't make much difference.

I thinks it's been particularly hard for us because it's been so hot lately too - here's hoping summer is finally over and we all get to spend the last couple of weeks feeling a bit less swollen!

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 04-Sep-16 11:38:22

Thenorr I'm so happy to be seeing the back end of summer!! It's decidedly more autumnal here today grin it's lovely!

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