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A few things I have learned

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fruityb Sat 03-Sep-16 09:41:58

I'm now proud mummy to a 9 day old baby boy who I could not be more in love with. Over my pregnancy I took a lot of comfort and advice from this board so just wanted to share a few things that I've learned myself. I know I'm a brand new mummy but I took so much from here I'd like to give something back.

1. Dulcolax. I'll say no more. Get it down you. I went 8 days without doing more than a malteaser twice, one dose of this stuff and the world was a better place again.

2. C section recovery is not as scary as I thought. I did not want one, I was more terrified of that than I am of spiders. I cried on the table, though that may have been aided by 26 hours of labour and a of of drugs by then. However after the initial couple of days where moving was hard and having no strength to lift myself I am now much more mobile and comfortable. It's still sore but it doesn't hurt and I am coping, but making sure not to be complacent. If you're as scared as I was then hope this gives you some comfort. I really seriously did not want one, but it's actually been fine since.

3. Nights are hard. Sleep when you can. Whenever you can. The little buggers have no concept of time nor do they care how long you've been asleep!

4. Don't be superwoman - let people Do things for you. Whatever it may be.

5. I feel fantastic. I'm tired, I didn't blow dry my hair last night so am fighting with an über Barnet today, I have one foot more swollen than the other and have to put make up on in stages around DS. But losing the pregnancy bump, being able to lay on my back, losing the pain in my hips which was horrendous at times has made me feel like a new woman. Embrace the changes, you'll be gorgeous.

6. Breastfeeding hurts. Not for long but that initial toe curling latch is an interesting sensation. I tend to do an operatic laaaaaaa for a few seconds to inject some humour.

I don't want to teach anyone to suck eggs and I am not meaning to sound like a new mum expert, but I really wanted to share some things I hadn't necessarily read about that have caught me by surprise. My DP has seen me at my absolute worst and it's really created a new respect in our relationship having to have him clean me up because I couldn't reach due to stitches and a catheter!

Please feel free to add - and good luck to those due soon. grin

UnicornPee Sat 03-Sep-16 10:27:09

I will remember the ducolax tip.
Whilst this is my 3rd child, with the other two I went ages without pooing and I lied to the midwives when they asked if I'd poo'd. I'll just get myself some of that smile
Enjoy your new baby. I've found that before you know it they are 11 years old, want to 'doss' with their friends rather than go places with you and are already secretive!

fruityb Sat 03-Sep-16 10:53:24

I felt it was like someone decided that as I missed out on a 'normal' delivery that I might fancy trying to poo over a 24 hour period. I kept going and coming back. It took till yesterday morning, I took the dulcolax the night before so in the middle of the 24 hours. Good lord it was a nightmare but all back to normal now. Was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to eat again!

shabbychic1 Sat 03-Sep-16 13:26:08

Thanks for this post, and congratulations on your baby!! ! flowers I'm in for cs soon- When would you take the Dulcolax? Soon as you get to the ward?

fruityb Sat 03-Sep-16 15:21:07

I would say take them at night a day or two after - then you're a bit more comfortable and slightly less sore on your stitches. And don't rush it! Sit and wait if you have to lol

mummydoc123 Sat 03-Sep-16 17:25:01

Thanks for the section advice - been worried that if I needed that how I would cope afterwards with recovery.

fruityb Sat 03-Sep-16 17:48:17

Mine has been fine. Midwife was worried site was a little inflamed but that just might be where things have rubbed on it. I've recovered well and feel good. I may have been lucky but that's how I'm doing smile

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