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For mums in the city

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Blossom321 Sat 03-Sep-16 08:03:50

Hello ladies

I am 24+4 and absolutely delighted to be having my first baby after a mmc earlier this year. I am a self-confessed perfectionist (I know this will soon have to go out the window) and whilst I'd never admit it in real life; I do have a tendency towards anxiety/slightly irrational thoughts (and DH tries his best in these moments to calm me down).
I'm feeling very stressed about all the pollutants which surround us I the city, I live in London (suburbs) and travel through London each day for work. The amount of exhaust fumes which I am exposed to each day is really making me worried. Largely because I have know environmental pollutants can lead to development issues. I literally feel like each time I walk down the road I may as well have my mouth over an exhaust pipe, I find myself wanting to hold my breath when a bus comes past (OK sounding really crazy now). To add to the mix things like the water quality here is pretty bad, I feel like a ball of irrationality about what is going into my body and could be effecting my baby.

Anyone able to convince me that things are more likely to be OK than not? I want to enjoy this special time but all these things are stopping me from doing so.

Thanks all x

Slave2thecat Sat 03-Sep-16 08:07:46

Il sorry I don't know what to say other than plenty of healthy happy babies grow up in London or Beijing or Rio or other seriously polluted cities. It's perfectly normal to be somewhat anxious about pregnancy and baby. If however your anxiety is causing you serious concearn go and see a medical expert.

ImYourMama Sat 03-Sep-16 08:21:10

I would say if your anxiety is bothering you to this extent, maybe talk to midwife or GP and get some reassurance - I'm 25 weeks and only just started to relax and enjoy pregnancy flowers

Blossom321 Mon 05-Sep-16 07:33:59

Thanks Ladies.
I am going to speak to my MW about it to try and help me feel a bit more calm. Pregnancy feels so precious it's hard not to want to wrap yourself up in cotton wool for 9 months but I guess no one does that and as you both say, there are many healthy babies born in cities.

EreniTheFrog Mon 05-Sep-16 08:06:58

You're probably safer from traffic fumes in London than from, say, factory pollutants on Teesside. And in rural areas, you'd potentially be at risk from agricultural pesticides too. There might be zero fumes on a remote Scottish Island, but then again you might be in danger if you went into sudden premature labour in a storm and couldn't get a rescue helicopter in time. Hard not to worry, but nowhere is 100% safe.

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