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New job. Just found out I am pregant

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user1472826180 Fri 02-Sep-16 15:31:06

Hey guys,

I hate where I am currently working and desperate to get out. After months, almost a year, of searching I have received a job offer that is closer to home and pays more. Almost at the same time of me getting the paperwork, I just found out that I am pregnant.

With the references, checks and notice periods, I will probably start this new job around October. I am not sure how pregnant I am (have yet to see a doctor), but I would be around 2 months pregnant by the time I start the new job, judging from when I had a random sickness.

My partner mentioned that it may be better for me to stay in my current role because by the time I am due, I will still be within my probation period and risk being let go. Thing is, I really can't stand where I am and it's bringing me down. I know it's short term thinking but staying I feel could be unhealthy to the child because of the stress I will be under.

Any advice?

PatriciaHolm Fri 02-Sep-16 15:37:07

Do you need to rely on SMP? You won't be eligible for it from the new job, if that makes a difference.

INeedNewShoes Fri 02-Sep-16 15:42:40

If you can afford to not have your current employers' maternity pay, and the job you have received an offer for is what you really want, I think I would say take the risk of taking the new job and hope that they will treat you reasonably and that you'll have a job to come back to after your maternity leave.

Also, early pregnancy is precarious. Imagine how you will feel if you miscarry. Not only will you have to deal with upset about the miscarriage but if you have also turned down a nice job because of that pregnancy you will be kicking yourself for ever more.

ImYourMama Fri 02-Sep-16 15:44:31

Go for it! I got pregnant celebrating my new job offer blush and I'll have been with them 6 months when I leave for maternity leave at 32 weeks. They've been fine about it, I just have to claim maternity allowance instead of their SMP.

MrsChrisPratt Fri 02-Sep-16 18:29:11

Take the job. You will be entitled to MA if things go wrong there anyway as you'll have been employed for the qualifying period. You can always get another job after maternity leave if required.

I did this, but the opposite way round-warned in advance of redundancy, secured new job and carried on with IVF treatments (having already had many failed rounds and been trying 4 yrs amd not wanting to put life on hold!), ended up pregnant when I started, with twins, lost one, signed off for 2 weeks....the whole bloody palava....but they have been great- I've been honest from very early on and they've known what's happened all the way through which they've appreciated. They are now all rooting for the second twin to make it. That's the kind of company and people I want to work with. If you go to the new place and they try to screw you, just hold out as long as you can for the money and find a new job after maternity leave.

Titchypanda Fri 02-Sep-16 23:35:03

I found out I was pregnant a week after I started my new job. I was scared of mentioning it as didn't want to lose job. Due to the physical nature of my job, I had to tell them as there were things you can't do when pregnant. I told them at 3 weeks. I'm almost 20 now, completed all the probationary period with no problems, got a permanent contract and work with lovely people. Go for it with the new job. It's far better for you to be in a less toxic situation. Good luck!

Incywincyspinster Fri 02-Sep-16 23:39:08

You couldn't be fired for being pregnant or taking may leave even if still on probation. That's a statutory right. Of course you get nasty bastard employers who don't care about the law but it would be on your side. Congrats on the new job and the pregnancy!

Muffintops87 Mon 05-Sep-16 20:10:18

I moved jobs and then shortly after found out I was pregnant. I think the worst part for me is I have had HG and had to have a lot of time off sick and I feel it affected my bonding with the team as they were having to make up for me not being there. I am now 20 weeks in and have been back at work for a good couple of months. They have all be very good to me and are always looking out for me. I had to tell them when I found out as there are quite a few things that make my job dangerous for pregnant women too. I do feel quite guilty about it but then these things happen. We had been trying for 10 months with no luck before the job move.

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