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firsttimemum20 Thu 01-Sep-16 20:11:29

I'm 30+4 and I'm exhausted! I don't even have the energy for a shower tonight, my eyes are aching my head hurts and every movement makes me feel like I've run a marathon. How on earth does everyone do this for the remaining 8 weeks or so. I know it's gonna get a lot worse and I'm just being wingy but I have a really relaxed job and it still wears me out! The comments from my other half don't help either "you don't do anything all day how are you even tired". Is it ok to want to strangle your partner hmm

LadyMumble Thu 01-Sep-16 20:19:15

It is certainly OK to want to or to actually strangle dp. I am 31 weeks and utterly exhausted, I've just got into bed after forcing myself to stay up until 8pm as dp and I have a visitor this evening. Third trimester fatigue is to be expected and it's important for your health that you rest. Tell dp to do some research if he is confused as to why you may not be full of energy.

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