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Boys names

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Mummyp83 Thu 01-Sep-16 14:41:35

I am due with 2nd baby any day now. We haven't found out the sex. We have a girls name picked - in fact we had a list! But we can't pick even one boys name that we like! They are all too boring, too popular or we just don't like them. Has anyone else had this problem???!!

BittyWanter Thu 01-Sep-16 14:44:31


Our last two were just "baby" for quite a while blush

GabbySolis Thu 01-Sep-16 14:51:50

I'm glad I'm not the only one! I can't believe how much we are struggling with it. People keep suggesting names trying to help us but we just don't like the names! x

Oysterbabe Thu 01-Sep-16 15:11:08

We were certain on ours girls name but we were still debating boys while I was in labour. I had a girl and that was that.
What style of names do you like Classic? Modern? Hippy?

GabbySolis Thu 01-Sep-16 22:22:31

We like classic names bordering on old fashioned I would say. One of the biggest problems we've had is that a lot of the names we like people we know have called their dogs those names which puts us right off! x

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