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Hospitalised with preeclampsia

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newbirds Tue 30-Aug-16 16:04:19

I'm currently five days in to a spell in hospital with preeclampsia and feeling thoroughly fed up today as the consultant has told me I won't be going anywhere for a while - anyone else had any experience of this? Any stories welcome..

I've had symptoms for a good few weeks (extreme swelling, sight disturbances, pain under ribs, nausea etc) and been back and forth to the midwife/GP only to be told that my symptoms were par for the course for this stage of pregnancy and I definitely wasn't suffering from preeclampsia.

Saw the midwife for a routine appointment last week who found 3+ protein in my urine and my blood pressure had shot up to something like 170/100, so I was rushed to hospital and have been here pretty much ever since with my BP shooting up and down. Doctors would prefer me to get to 37 weeks before they induce (I'm currently 34+6) but there's the possibility they may have to induce earlier so I've been given steroids to strengthen baby's lungs.

Today has probably been the worst day of them all for feeling isolated, scared about what could/might happen, excited/impatient to meet baby sooner than expected, practically crawling the walls on the maternity ward etc etc sad

Dlah Tue 30-Aug-16 17:27:03

No experience of preeclampsia but just wanted to say big hugs and remember - there is always bound to be someone on here awake at all hours (I was up from 4am for no good reason, currently 31+6!) so I'm sure we can keep you company during this time smile

newbirds Wed 31-Aug-16 08:43:24

Thank you grin

Looks like I'll be stuck in here again today - blood pressure shot back up overnight, so I've had a fresh set of bloods taken, lots of fetal movement monitoring and currently waiting for the doctor to assess me sad

Feeling particularly shattered today which may have something to do with the girl in the bay opposite me who has been screaming blue murder in the very early stages of labour since 9pm last night hmm

Dlah Wed 31-Aug-16 09:09:11

Take this time to reflect and practice your calm breathing so you don't end up wailing like a banshee maybe! Lol

Well I dare say I'd rather be in hospital, but being at work right now with people irritating me and getting on my nerves, I'd definitely rather be elsewhere! Roll on 6 weeks til maternity leave! Lol

Hope you're feeling ok in yourself today X

FinallyARainbow Wed 31-Aug-16 09:19:28

I know it must be hard but at least you really are in the best place. I was taken in for preeclampsia at 34+6 for monitoring as BP was borderline but urine sample and blood tests were pretty bad. I ended up being induced the next day as blood tests went really downhill and they weren't happy with DS movement.

I had the steroids just 12 hours apart to ensure he got as much help as possible and despite being tiny (3lb 14 at 35 weeks) he was medically fine, just in hospital for a while to get bigger/suck reflex had to develop.

I was stuck in for a few days post delivery for liver scans, blood tests etc which was frustrating but as DS was in SCBU it didn't make much of a difference as I was allowed to stay there and just head back to my ward for tests.

Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you. flowers

mummabearjustgotfierce Wed 31-Aug-16 09:51:04

Hi I have been in exactly your position! I was hospitalised with preeclampsia at 33/34 weeks. I just didn't feel myself at all and couldn't get hold of my midwife. So DH decided to take me to the hospital and when they checked my urine and blood pressure i was admitted straight away as it was very high. I was in hospital under bed rest and being monitored for around a week. I was given blood pressure medicine to try and bring it down but it didn't have any effect. In the end they said i would be induced. It did take 3 attempts at being induced before it was successful (just to warn you) as obviously my body was showing no signs of labour so i think thats why it was a very slow start. After 2 days i was given a gel and a drip and my labour took around 8 hours. My dd was born and weighed 4lb 13oz and she required no special care. However we were both in hospital for around a week after as she was early and small and to make sure that i didn't develop eclampsia. I also had various liver tests etc and was on blood pressure medicine for a while.

ohanami Wed 31-Aug-16 10:05:38

I was in a very similar situation before dc1 was born - went in after a midwife check picked up high bp and protein at 33 weeks. I was climbing the walls, asking to be discharged, they wouldn't even let me out for a couple of hours to go to my nct class. It turned out to be for the best as I deteriorated very quickly overnight and dd was born a day later by emcs. You would never know now that she was early, and the memories of the way she arrived have faded a lot.

Whatever happens, you're in the best place to get the help you need as you need it. It's a scary and frustrating time especially if things have gone smoothly so far for you and you were expecting a straightforward few weeks to full term. As others have said, here to keep you company when you need it over the next few weeks. 34+6 is really close to full term and your baby might not need much extra help even if they were born tomorrow, but fingers crossed for you that you can get closer to 37 weeks.

LondonStill83 Wed 31-Aug-16 10:55:24

Exactly the same as you op!!!

Was admitted last night after scare last week, really high BP and bad headaches and protein in urine.

They are now keeping me in for 24 hours and possibly until I deliver. 34+2 so hoping we can hang in there!!!

Where are you?

newbirds Wed 31-Aug-16 20:48:07

Thanks everyone for your supportive messages - it's reassuring to know there are others who are in (or have been in) the same boat!

I've had a crazy, crazy today. Consultant is concerned my blood pressure is still spiking despite 4x medicine daily to try and bring it down, so has suggested a c section (she thinks induction might be too problematic). Originally scheduled for 3pm this afternoon, it's now been pushed back until first thing tomorrow morning so looks like my baby will be here at 35+1 sad

To be fair, in many ways I'm relieved as I'm feeling so ropey with the preeclampsia it will be a huge relief just to get the baby out and start to recover in that sense, BUT of course I'm petrified about what lies ahead, having a premature baby etc. I had the two steroid injections 24hrs apart for his lungs a couple of days ago so that has put my mind at ease (slightly!), but I have to admit I went up to the neonatal ward to see where he'll be whisked off to post-birth and broke down sad

newbirds Wed 31-Aug-16 20:49:08

LondonStill83 - I'm on the south coast, about 1.5-2hrs south of London, what about you?

Cococrumble Wed 31-Aug-16 20:56:47

Thinking of you newbirds, hope all goes well!

ThomasRichard Wed 31-Aug-16 21:08:45

I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow. It's a big shock when a pregnancy that was progressing smoothly develops complications towards the end and it doesn't help that hormones are all over the place anyway!

I was admitted at 36 weeks with pre-eclampsia and stayed in until I was induced a week later. It was scary because I felt fine but knew that DS wasn't growing properly and he wasn't happy in the womb (his traces kept showing decelerations). He weighed 5lb 2oz at birth and 4lb 10oz when we were discharged 4 days later, so he was small but 6 years on he's a normal size and is the fastest child in his school, always full of energy! He was very sleepy and kept dozing off on the breast so I had to express for him for a few weeks and he had a touch of jaundice but other than that he was perfectly fine and didn't spend any time in SCBU.

FinallyARainbow Wed 31-Aug-16 21:15:00

Good luck for tomorrow.

Sorry you found the neonatal tough going, DS was in the NICU at first and the beeps and wires were scary but you quickly get used to them and all being well he won't be there for long. DS was in for 16 days but was never on oxygen and only had a heated mattress for 1 or 2 days, it was literally just until he could feed. He was particularly small though so hopefully you'll have a better start (my placenta had failed hence his size).

Even in labour I had no idea that I wouldn't just be getting to take DS away like other people do so I think you've done the right thing seeing the ward. No one really mentioned that it was a possibility and my DN was 4 weeks early and went straight home so it just didn't register blush

If you need anyone to chat to I'll be about

Rainbowunicorn71 Wed 31-Aug-16 21:39:43

Sorry to hear you're not well brewcake
It's a scary time isn't it?
Just to reassure you though, I went through this at 31 weeks and my ds was born just before 32 weeks by emc, but it was all fine. I recovered quickly and my ds was in hospital for a month but no drama, just small and needed to grow. He's 4 now and no lasting effects.
So, try to stay as calm and relaxed as possible..... At this gestation your baby should be a reasonable size. You'll be well cared for and closely monitored so you're in the right place.
Good luck!

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