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Pregnant and seperating

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user1467981241 Mon 29-Aug-16 21:11:48

Hi all,

My husband and I were in a very happy relationship and found out I was due a baby in April. I am now nearly 25 weeks. He had a breakdown and then an affair and I asked him to leave two months ago.

He moved in with the new girlfriend who is half his age and has since found out that she cant have children.

He has not been in contact for over a month (since the 20 week scan) which I am finding very hard.

Has anyone else been through anything similar and come out the other end? I am petrified that I will have a bit of a meltdown when the baby arrives.


shitwithsugaron Mon 29-Aug-16 21:13:35

I have no experience of this and therefore no advice but sending flowers to you OP. Look after yourself and your baby.

BzyB Mon 29-Aug-16 23:57:33

That must have been such a shock for you. Have you considered speaking to your gp for counselling?
I went through pregnancy and child rearing alone with my first ( he didn't want kids at all) and sadly now I am going through another pregnancy and child rearing as a lone parent of 3 but again not in the same circumstances. ( kicked him out for a variety of reasons all summing up to him being a really poor role model and financial drain on our family)
First, gather any family and friends close. If this is your first, keep your expectations low- sleep when baby sleeps, ready meals are fine for a while etc. Don't feel pressure to be out and about or entertaining visitors if what you really want and need is sleep! just enjoy the chance to lounge about and snuggle your sweet little baby!
This is his loss and you can and will do just fine without him!

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