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20 weeks no movement

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cara0463 Mon 29-Aug-16 09:56:04

Looking for a little bit of advice. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and still not felt the baby move! This is my third baby and I felt 2nd baby move around 18 weeks. Is this normal? I suffer terrible with anxiety so as you can imagine my head is working overtime!! sad

Irelephant Mon 29-Aug-16 10:04:32

I felt DD1 earlier then DD2 but I can't recall how many weeks I was.

Have you had your 20 week scan? Some people give birth without knowing they are pregnant.

Can you ring your midwife or epu? Anxiety is horrible at the best of time.

AntiHop Mon 29-Aug-16 10:05:57

I didn't feel movement until about 23 weeks i think. It was because the placenta was round the front. But I was told that at my first scan.

GingerGetThePopcorn Mon 29-Aug-16 10:09:13

I'm 21+4 and have only just started to feel proper movements in the last couple of days. At my 20 week scan I was told I have an anterior placenta (attached to the front of the uterus) which was providing a bit of a cushion for the baby, explaining why I hadn't felt the kicks. I felt a lot better when I'd seen him kicking up a storm on the monitor. I know it's difficult but try not to worry!

cara0463 Mon 29-Aug-16 10:31:21

Thankyou so much! I've had myself so worked up but that really helps ease my mind! My 20wk scan is on Saturday so hopefully they'll let me know if that's the case with my placenta! I work in a nursery so with picking the kids up all the time I was worried I'd caused harm to the baby! smile

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