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Early miscarriage or wrong dates (and cures for coldy headache?)

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Smurf123 Sun 28-Aug-16 21:38:28

I am 26 and my husband and I were so excited to learn we are? Expecting.. I've had no stomach cramps or bleeding.. but have had morning sickness most days, tiredness and sensitive breasts along with needing the loo way too often during the night. We went for our dating scan on Thursday from last period we should have been 8.5 weeks or there abouts.. sonographer was lovely but said sac and very small baby inside were too small.. Measuring at 6 weeks 4 days. They mentioned doing an internal scan but then she came back saying doc said she didn't think it necessary and to come back next week to the early pregnancy unit.. They gave us a leaflet on early pregnancy loss.. But at the same time said "I'm not saying this is what you have i couldn't find the other leaflet" and that it could be the dates are just wrong. Its so hard not knowing. I don't know whether to be optimistic and believe in the best or prepare for the worst.. And i feel so stupid every morning when I'm feeling so nauseous or vomiting cos part of me is thinking if it's the worst then surely that would have been 2 weeks ago and i shouldn't still be feeling sick. I've cried every day since Thursday and at the same time none of our friends or family knew we were pregnant so trying to act as if everything is normal.. I've woken up yesterday morning with a terrible headcold.. Sore throat, sore head, stuffy nose.. Could really use some paracetamol but was told not to take it or my antihistamines during pregnancy.. Any miracle cures for headaches? Sorry for the ramble..

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