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31 weeks pregnant.. Personal thread

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DanniAngelMummy Sun 28-Aug-16 09:53:22

Okay.. So we planned this pregnancy, we are both really happy, our little girl is super excited.
Only I have had a rubbish pregnancy.. To begin with it was the nausea (awful!) Then it was tiredness and weight gain.. Now it's pelvic pain and just plain uncomfortable..
Sooo... Me and my partner have only had sex once throughout the pregnancy.
In all honesty it's the last thing on my mind.. In fact the thought of it angers me. But of course my partner isn't taking it so well.. He keeps dropping hints and when in bed getting in bed try's it on. It makes my skin crawl! Not because I don't find him attractive or anything like that.. I just don't feel like it!!
Help!!! X

Whatsername17 Sun 28-Aug-16 10:01:01

I think, sometimes, you can get into a rut. The less you have, the less you want. Why don't you try doing non penetrative stuff and take it from there? You might find you enjoy the intimacy. Good luck x

LynseyH Sun 28-Aug-16 10:02:03

Aw I know exactly how you feel with the sex side of things. First 3 months I couldn't bare anything. Now I'm starting to become more affectionate with hugs and kisses but still not really in the mood for more.
Would your partner listen to how you feel? (Leave out the skin crawling part tho!) Can you say how rubbish you feel and your up for cuddles but no more?
If he's not taking your feelings into consideration when he knows how your feeling health wise, then he's being inconsiderate but men don't always realise just how bad you feel unless you spell it out.

divadee Sun 28-Aug-16 10:29:14

The old saying use it or lose it is very true. Especially for women!!!! But... I think you need to go back to basics. Not have sex but have kisses and cuddles and touchy feely stuff. And also communication is a massive thing. You should never feel obligated to have sex if you really don't want it but you should talk to your partner and tell him how you actually feel. Men are needy beings sometimes and feel all pushed out at women being pregnant as the changes aren't happening inside them so don't fully understand just how rubbish you can feel.

ZippyNeedsFeeding Sun 28-Aug-16 10:51:25

I feel your pain. Pelvic pain can be agony and I found that sex made it much worse. I think you have to be very clear about what causes you pain and how uncomfortable you feel. Hopefully that would make him more understanding.

DanniAngelMummy Sun 28-Aug-16 18:32:25

Thank you for your replies!!
He is pretty understanding - although I think it's hard for a man to truly understand how a woman feels when they are pregnant.
It's not just sex that iv gone off though it's anything at all affectionate.. I'm so moody and I can't seem to snap out of it! I have good intentions but I just can't bring myself to do anything!!

ZippyNeedsFeeding Sun 28-Aug-16 18:48:14

When I was pregnant with our 5th baby, I couldn't stand being touched. If anyone touched me when I was asleep, I would wake up straight away.
Moodiness is normal too. Just talk to him about it and I'm sure he'll be fine. How much longer do you have to go? With our second I got very moody because i had a horrible birth with the first and I was dreading it.

Pandora2016 Sun 28-Aug-16 19:07:58

I feel your pain - SPD is currently ruining my life and sex went out of the window months ago.

It's horrible - might as well be flat mates at the moment.

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