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So worried - painful twinges - 7.5 weeks

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Nic0lajane Sun 28-Aug-16 07:59:07

I had a miscarriage 1 year ago, at the time i had slight nausea but no real morning sickness. Also occasional pains. I found out at 12 weeks i'd had a missed miscarriage very early on and was devastated after i'd let my guard down at the 12 week point. I had a D&C.

I have finally conceived again after months of trying, i have slightly sore breasts and some food aversions but again the nausea is only slight and no vomiting. Ive also been irritable and tired/ out of breath and had occasional stabbing pain. I have booked an early scan at the 8 week point. I'm so worried that the same thing is happening again. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms with and/ or without miscarriage. Particularly painful twinges?

When I was much younger I had an accidental pregnancy and lots of morning sickness from 6.5 weeks.

I have a week to wait for the scan and its such a worrying time.

Thanks xx

UnicornPee Sun 28-Aug-16 08:30:54

Hi NicolaJane. Sorry about your MC last year.
I had a MC in May at 8+1. Very unexpected as I already had two successful pregnancies so not something I expected.
I am now pregnant again and 10w now. Despite having more symptoms this time I haven't allowed myself to get excited and only 1 other person knows I'm pregnant.
I have had some worrying pains too, but after research I realise these are the normal pains of your uterus etc growing and stretching ready to fit your baby in smile
Good luck with your pregnancy and hope your scan next week is a happy one for you.

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