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Stupid question about moisturising

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Barefootcontessa84 Fri 26-Aug-16 19:07:40

I've recently bought some sweet almond oil on the recommendation of previously pregnant friends to help with itching/general dryness when things start stretching. (I know there is nothing to be done to prevent stretch marks, but I'm happy to try something that will help me feel more comfortable!)

Problem is what to do after I've put it on - I've just slathered my tummy/bum/breasts and it's not being absorbed very quickly... I've got things to be getting on with rather than walking round the house naked, not able to sit on anything not touching anything! Have I used too much, do people just get dressed straight away, or do you just have to wait for it to absorb?

Moronic question I know, but I don't have the time for this grin

twoundertwowillbefun Fri 26-Aug-16 21:10:17

Use less and straight only wet skin so that it spreads better....then dress straight away ;) sounds like you've got too much on for the moment so pop in clothes that aren't too important grin

Barefootcontessa84 Sat 27-Aug-16 08:19:29

Thanks twoundertwo! It took hours to soak in so I definitely overdid it!

ClaireFraser Sat 27-Aug-16 08:30:53

I find that if I apply oil, coconut or almond etc, then apply normal body moisturiser over the top it makes it all sink in really quickly and you don't get that greasy feeling. Don't apply either too liberally though or you will feel like a greased whale! grin

sentia Sat 27-Aug-16 08:32:57

Rose hip oil sinks in faster I find.

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