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Ligaments pains in first trimester. Am I going to in trouble towards the end?

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Laura05 Fri 26-Aug-16 13:15:46

Hi all, looking for some advice.

I'm currently 11+3 with #3. I've had ligament pain deep in my left hip (iykwim) since before my bfp. I can only describe it as someone pinging an elastic band and it's been causing shooting pain and an excessive amount of swearing when I turn the wrong way

I've been convincing myself that it's just first trimester hormones relaxing my already overstretched ligaments etc with it being #3 but now it's started in my right hip to the point I'm hobbling along today!

I work part time in a busy bar (full shifts on my feet) and I'm now worrying I'm going to be in trouble continuing to work towards the end confused

I was due to finish work at 38weeks with dc2 but ended up finishing at 36weeks due to hip pain. I was never offered physio or anything and struggled with the suggested support belt as my bump wasn't big enough for the material bit that covers the bump.

Has anyone had this early on and actually been ok towards the end? My work know I've been struggling and have told me to sit down as much as I want but it's not always possible, especially if we're busy. The plan is to take me off weekend nights when I'm further on (as was agreed with other pg) but don't want to request stopping nights this early on.

Only taking paracetamol in pregnancy is a pain in the arse.

Karmin Fri 26-Aug-16 13:25:46

You can take more than paracetamol but you have to push for it and crutches can help as well, I'm 38 weeks taking regular codeine and oramorph for my hips and sofa bound, this is baby 3 and I only suffered mildly with hip pain in baby 2.

The best thing for you at this time is going to be regular physio and seeing an osteopath to help reduce the pain for as long as you can as once it goes past a certain point they won't be much help.

I booked all my annual leave for the year for the last month so I didn't need to start maternity leave too early and I'm so glad I did as I struggle with everything now. But I do admin for the council so it was easier for them to cover and agree.

Speak to your midwife and your gp and self refer to physio/osteopath if they don't get on it quickly to help as much as possible. Visits the pelvic partnership website for advice on how to cope and move and be prepared for it to gradually get worse but with regular early treatment you can try to slow the progress.

Laura05 Fri 26-Aug-16 13:30:32

Thanks. I think I'll mention it to the midwife next week when I see her. My holiday year runs April March so I used up holidays before I found out I was pg. I still have 2weeks to use up and my boss has said I can cut my hours towards the end once my smp has been calculated.

Would I be better looking for a support belt or waiting til I've spoken to the mw? I honestly wouldn't know where to start after the last one I had was a complete fail.

Charlierhi Fri 26-Aug-16 18:26:49

I have this. I let midwives & consultant do me off until 2 weeks ago when the pain was so bad I couldn't walk. Got myself referred to physio & already feel more in control of the pain & have a plan to improve up to birth & beyond. Don't let it carry on - the sooner you get support to limit damage the better you'll be in the long term (and the easier to manage the birth).

Good luck!

Laura05 Sat 27-Aug-16 01:18:21

I didn't think about how it may effect the birth! When my contractions started with dc2 I had shooting pains round my hips and down my legs but didn't connect it to this. Saying that my first contraction started at 2.20pm and DS arrived at 4.23pm so maybe too quick a delivery to notice grin

I'm definitely going to mention it to mw as I've just finished a really busy shift and I honestly thought I was going to cry (not like me at all!)

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