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Anxiety and depression in early pregnancy

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Blup Thu 25-Aug-16 19:41:47

I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and have been very anxious and feeling very down. I don't want to do anything - in the morning it's a struggle to get out of bed, but I have 2yo DS to look after all day, so I have to get up and do things. I really dread every day though - sometimes I sit and look at DS and feel almost panicked at the thought of having to look after him all day.

I went to the GP, who gave me anti-sickness medication (I'm getting a bit of morning sickness, and that's making me feel really panicky), and was sympathetic about the anxiety. I have to go back next week to see how I'm getting on.

I spend a lot of the day just wanting to be left alone to cry. I've been crying at books and all sorts of things. If I can't cry, I start to get anxious, and then when DS is looking for attention, I panic because I can't face giving it to him.

Wondered whether anyone had any advice or had experienced this? Should I expect it to clear up over time? I remember when I was pregnant with DS I felt a bit sick at times, but I didn't feel as anxious or emotional. I did feel absolutely fine by 12 weeks though, so I'm hoping this time is the same.

On top of being pregnant, we're supposed to be moving house over the next 6 months, and that's making me feel really unsettled. I'd like to postpone it a bit (our current house would be just about big enough once the baby comes, but we'd outgrow it fairly quickly once the baby became a toddler), but DH is keen to press ahead.

I just feel really unsettled and don't know what to do. I want to go back to enjoying spending time with my family, instead of dreading it.

missymousey Thu 25-Aug-16 22:19:31

Hi Blup, I'm sorry you're feeling so down! Just wanted to reply so you're not on your own. flowers

It is rubbish feeling nauseous and tired and still having to go and do things. Does it help to get outside with DS for some fresh air? Going out and walking slowly or sitting in the sun just really looking at anything natural I can find - trees, flowers, birds - sometimes helps me get out of feelings like you describe. I hope it passes quickly and you feel more positive soon.

Blup Fri 26-Aug-16 11:29:47

Thanks missy. Getting out helps a little bit, but then I end up really tired. I could walk him all day in the pram, but it tires out me and not him! Or I can take him by the hand and walk, which is harder work, but at least makes him tired too!

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