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Booking appointment?

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Ilovegreatbritishbakeoff Thu 25-Aug-16 19:33:10

When are you meant to have the booking appointment and how do I go about arranging it? I'm 8 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby. Phoned GP surgery and receptionist booked me in to see my GP at 10 weeks but I'm worried that'll be too late to organise 12 week scan. Do you think I should contact them again?

Ffion3107 Thu 25-Aug-16 19:37:34

First pregnancy I had my first appointment at 13 weeks, scan a week after. Second pregnancy I saw the midwife at 6 weeks and had a scan at 12 weeks. I don't think they book the scans on a first cme first served basis so you'll probably have the scan at 12 weeks anyway. Is there somewhere other than your GP you can call to contact the midwife?

Ilovegreatbritishbakeoff Thu 25-Aug-16 19:56:23

Thanks that makes me feel a bit better. I might try contacting midwife dept directly. The person I spoke to at GP surgery was a bit dismissive and said I didn't need to see anyone until after 12 weeks

Ffion3107 Thu 25-Aug-16 20:03:10

They were like thatthat at my GP surgery when I tried booking my first appointment with this pregnancy! So I contacted the midwives department at the local clinic and got an earlier date

PippaRose Fri 26-Aug-16 16:50:57

I got my scan date 2 days after my docs appt, I had that and the doctor signed my form to get my NHS maternity exemption and that seemed to trigger it.

Feel that it's different depending on your surgery, I had to push to get my dates in but since the first one it has been fine

ImYourMama Fri 26-Aug-16 16:54:06

Contact your local community midwife directly smile number will be on google or local hospital website

SussexTeacher Fri 26-Aug-16 18:33:44

I'm 9 weeks at the moment.

I saw a CM at 6 weeks at the GP surgery, who just talked through the "what happens next" and gave me leaflets.

She booked my booking appointment for even I'll be 10 weeks and my scan at 12 weeks. I got the letters through the day after my initial appointment.

There is a window for the 12 week scan that they need to see you so they can do the nuchal measurement. Why don't you call the maternity unit and see if you can self refer?

Ilovegreatbritishbakeoff Fri 26-Aug-16 23:12:30

Thanks everyone. I think I will chase it up myself as you suggest. I don't want them to think I'm making a fuss but I keep worrying that I'll miss the window for the 12 week scan

happylass Sat 27-Aug-16 22:08:26

I was in exactly the same situation. I waited until after my 8 week scan with the IVF clinic to contact the GP then by the time they had an appointment available I was gone 10 weeks. To be fair it all went really quickly from there as I had a phone call from the hospital the next day giving me a date for the scan and the midwife then contacted me a few days later to arrange booking in. I think the 12 week scan can actually be done up to 14 weeks. Nothing wrong with chasing it up though just to double check. Good luck.

Tutuloves Mon 29-Aug-16 05:37:17

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy.
If you look on the due in March thread you'll see vast differences in the way it's all done depending on the area. For instance, here in Birmingham I went to my doctors at around 6/7 weeks. They put my phone number in the diary for the midwife to give me a call to book a booking in appointment and I had to phone up the hospital to book my own scan with a password they gave me. No doubt even here there are variations in procedures dependant on the hospital etc.
One thin that is for certain is that your clearly going to need a booking in appointment before your scan as you'll need your green notes to take to the scan.

KARMAisaBtch Mon 29-Aug-16 05:47:10

I think it's too late, GP has to confirm your pregnancy by doing a pregnancy test themselves.

Then they will give you some basic facts like ' taking your folic acid' and foods to avoid in first trimester!

Best to ring GP again; if they said no, ring 111 for advise then they will definitely contact your GP.

Advicepls7080 Mon 29-Aug-16 06:05:45

GPs do not have to confirm your pregnancy and most GPs do not test for pregnancies.

Contact your community midwife or the hospital where you're planning on doing your antenatal care and they till book you in smile they usually ask how far along you are and the closer you are to 12 weeks the quicker they'll get you in.


KARMAisaBtch Mon 29-Aug-16 06:17:17

When I rang my GP as soon as I found out, the receptionist said drop by the clinic as they have to check my urine and confirm my pregnancy, ( so this is based from the experience)

Secondly, this is from NHS website.

* It's best to see them as early as possible to obtain the information you need to have a healthy pregnancy, and because some tests, such as screening for sickle cell and thalassaemia should be done before you're 10 weeks' pregnant.*

Advicepls7080 Mon 29-Aug-16 06:21:13

Most GPs won't though I've unfortunately sat in on many many wasted appointments of women asking for a pregnancy test to be told They don't do them.

That from the NHS website you just quoted has nothing to do with an actual pregnancy test

Joydgreen88 Mon 29-Aug-16 06:22:47

GP's don't have to have to confirm anything, yours might have done, but it is not quite blanket rule. Their only participation in the pregnancy is yo refer you over to the midwifery team.

OP you are NOT too late! I didn't have any bloods or midwife appointment until 12+6 so don't panic. I know how worrying early pregnancy is, so please don't worry yourself. As soon as you get in touch with your DR or mid wife, the ball will start rolling. And congratulations!

KARMAisaBtch Mon 29-Aug-16 06:24:11

The nhs website post is mainly suggesting as much as possible try to see the gp before 10 weeks.

It's not about pregnancy test. It's also better to see gp before 12 weeks for advice like as I have said 'taking folic acid, and foods to avoid.

Advicepls7080 Mon 29-Aug-16 06:26:57

Most GPs now don't do this, that's what I'm saying, they will literally tell you to self refer. It depends on trusts but the majority now ask you to self refer because it takes up appointments that aren't needed.

Most booking appointments go through most of this. Most booking appointments take place between 7-11 weeks.

Joydgreen88 Mon 29-Aug-16 06:30:31

Yes, but Karma you were being unnecessarily negative, you've been pregnant yourself, you must know how scary and worrisome it can be in the early days! Saying things like "you are too late" is entirely unkind to add to that worry.

KARMAisaBtch Mon 29-Aug-16 06:32:08

Yeah I agree with that, different procedures eh.

Let's hope that everything will be fine on her 1st apointment. smile

pitterpatterrain Mon 29-Aug-16 06:33:36

IME I would self refer. First pregnancy I did that, second one I thought I would try the GP because so many people said go to the GP first: they didn't do anything except the maternity exemption and mess up the referral to the MW team so that I had to spend lots of time chasing it and ended up with booking and scan on subsequent days at 12 weeks. Would skip it and go direct if you can.

pitterpatterrain Mon 29-Aug-16 06:37:10

Would agree you are not too late as they will do their best in the MW team to get you in for your scan in the right time period

KARMAisaBtch Mon 29-Aug-16 06:51:02

I didn't mean to be negative but based on my experience as I have said GP wanted me to come in as soon as to confirm my pregancy and give me some advice. I didn't know that others can book you in 10-12 weeks for first appointment.

As you can see the NHS website says in there best to see before 10 weeks.

It is worrying I know, until now I worry a lot but sometimes we have to trust our instinct then better to call again GP or 111 for advise.

April241 Mon 29-Aug-16 08:13:07

Hope you've managed to get this sorted OP. Perhaps in your area you're seen by the GP and then given a date for the scan that day which is still before 12 weeks but just double check.

Karma - As a side note every area is different. When I found out I was pregnant I called the GP surgery and was given a number to the midwifery central unit. I called them and they took my details then gave me dates for a booking appt and 12 week scan, letters came out in the post. In my area you don't see a GP at all unless you need a prescription and in most cases the midwife organises it and you just pick it up from the surgery. The midwives give all the advice you need re folic acid etc.

Advicepls7080 Mon 29-Aug-16 08:59:28

Karma what do you think 111 is used for

KARMAisaBtch Mon 29-Aug-16 09:22:48

I think I have to stop commenting in here. If you think I am wrong, fine just voiced out what you think is best. No need to be very 'against me '.

If you go back to my message I said i began with
' I think you're too late... Meaning I am not too sure, I didn't say ( You are too late! ) My tone is based from experience only and not telling off or anything.

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