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Maternity Pay and Term Time Only Contract

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divadee Thu 25-Aug-16 12:21:25

Hi all. I work in education on a term time only contract. Contracted for 37 weeks of the year. 35 hours a week. I am paid a holiday uplift in my annual salary so I technically get paid for 42 ish (something like that) weeks of the year and that's spread even payments over 12 months.

In January I will be going on maternity leave. Our maternity policy is statutory maternity pay so 6 weeks at 90% and then the rest SMP about £140 a week.

What happens in regards to holiday pay etc... During this? Will they only pay my maternity pay for the weeks I would normally work and holidays I wouldn't even get maternity pay?

Also I was going to go back to work for a couple of weeks before the summer break (cheeky? Yes I know it is but I was hoping I would then go back to normal pay and have that cover me over the holidays as money will be very very tight!) and then have childcare etc.... Covered from the September when I go back.

I have tried to google it and I just get confusing conflicting reports that I should accrue holiday time that I would be able to take not just get paid for it etc...

Akire Thu 25-Aug-16 12:26:09

If you normal get paid over 52 weeks then same will apply as this is normal wages. So 90% of pay that you get on money basis then SMP for rest of the time.

If you go back to normal contract in July then yes normal pay would carry then over summer (and next 12m) only difference would be if you had a term time only contract which if you get paid every month didn't apply.

Just speak to local authority payroll should be able to clarify.

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