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Second trimester pain and anxiety

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madmadamemim Wed 24-Aug-16 20:14:34


Looking for some reassurance/someone to tell me to get a grip!

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and agonising over every twinge and pain. Today I've convinced myself I'm in preterm labour... Pains in groin and lower back. I'm super slow walking as my hips and back hurt. Don't think it's Braxton hicks as bump doesn't feel tight. Im also having the odd twinge low down (like period pain).

Do I call midwife to see what she thinks tomorrow?

It took us a long time to get pregnant and being a first timer I'm pretty sure I'm overreacting but finding it all very stressful sad

EreniTheFrog Wed 24-Aug-16 21:48:18

A lot of us find every pain and twinge worrying and stressful - I'm onto #3, and I know I do. The problem with asking questions like this on mumsnet though is that from what you have written, it's hard to know how valid your anxieties are, so we can never offer meaningful reassurance: I'm sure you realise that, too. Is your midwife approachable for questions and concerns?

smellsofelderberries Thu 25-Aug-16 02:54:22

I was up at my antenatal day unit so much...I was going to say between weeks 18-24, but it's actually been the whole pregnancy! Don't think I've gone longer than 3 weeks without seeing someone because of some panic. I found around 22 weeks I had a week of fairly bad stretching pains, I was taking 2 or 3 paracetamol a day for about 5 days. Was up at the hospital then and diagnosed with stretching pains. Always worth going up for a check over. Around this stage they can do fetal fibronectin tests to determine the likely hood of going into labour over the next two weeks. I also ended up going for a private cervical length scan which determined my cervix was in tip-top shape, and the likelihood of going into preterm labour was very very low. The £80 I paid felt a tiny price for that reassurance.
Haveyou called your midwife?

user1471927379 Thu 25-Aug-16 03:30:27

Hi. I think its perfectly normal to worry during pregnancy. I am 25 weeks and during my pregnancy i have been worrying about every little thing,in the last month have been to the emergency unit four time,all which turned out to be nothing. In the last week or so i have put the worries to the back of my mind and decided that pregnancy is a a wonderful journey with all types of new aches and pains. I know its hard but try not to worry. You have got through half of the pregnancy fine,i'm sure the other half will be just as good,even better. I would say have a word with your midwife or doctor about your anxiety. Stress is not good for baby x

ConcernedDaddy Thu 25-Aug-16 05:57:58

My wife is 28 weeks pregnant and is experiencing lower cramping. They have been constant for about 5 hours now. No bleeding but had some discharge earlier today, like water. Should this concern us?
This is our 3rd child but a lot of this is new. Especially the cramping.

madmadamemim Sun 28-Aug-16 15:02:19

Thanks so much for the responses. Had a rubbish few days but spoken to midwife who suspects spd... so that explains a lot of the hip/groin pain. Ironically feeling much better now!

Always best to check with midwife no matter how silly it feels!

Evergreen17 Mon 29-Aug-16 11:41:28

Can I reply to "stress is not good for the baby" with BULLOCKS
and please stop saying this to people with anxiety. Plenty of research confirming that stress and anxiety won't hurt your baby and really very unhelpful to make these comments.

Trying to relax is good for the mental health and wellbeing of the mum, and we dont need the added guilt thanks.

Sorry but I got tired of this when TTC as well.

OP I am 16 weeks and also worrying quite a bit but doing better some days


user1471927379 Wed 31-Aug-16 02:29:16

Didn't mean to offend anyone as i suffer with anxiety myself. I just meant that worrying will do no one any good which i have learnt through experience. Sorry you took it that way & i hope you try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Its hard,as i deal with it myself on a daily basis..wish you the best of luck xx

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