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Talk to me about back to back labour

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Jenjen85 Wed 24-Aug-16 17:28:43

39weeks today and had a growth scan. Sonographer said baby was not completely back to back but almost and asked if it was painful. Said id been having a bit of backache and a bit of pressure in my bottom but was ok. Baby has HUGE legs so probably isnt going to turn at this late stage but just wanted to know what a back to back labour was like? Is it anymore painful or lasts longer? Had a show this morning so labour might be soon praying it is as with DD i had a show then the next day my waters broke

Whatsername17 Wed 24-Aug-16 19:06:51

Dd was back to back. I felt the contractions in my back more than my tummy. It was fine, honestly. I had complications due to high bp so was strapped to a bed continually being monitored. I ended up having an epidural because of my bp and slow progression due to not dilating (which wasn't due to dd being back to back, just my body) meant an emergency c-section was likely. However, the epidural was a low dose so I could still feel and move my legs and feel my contractions. The consultant gave me an hour to push before he intervened and I was able to push her out in an hour and 10. I had a slight graze but nothing more. I loved giving birth. If I'd been allowed to move around or if I hadn't had the dilating issue I wouldn't have needed the epidural. Good luck!

Oysterbabe Wed 24-Aug-16 19:47:35

My DD was back to back. My waters went when I was only 35+5 then 12 hours later I started getting mild pain in my back. Like the pp I ended up monitored and stuck to a bed which made it worse. It was totally manageable though and my labour progressed quickly, back pain getting stronger and stronger. After about 4 hours the contractions changed, were no longer in my back but moving down my stomach. DD was here half hour later. None of it was as painful as expected but she was only 4lbs 13 I guess.

cujo Thu 25-Aug-16 12:07:15

I had a back to back too. The pains were in my back more but as it was my first I wasn't concerned as I didn't know what to expect pain/feelings wise. I have been told its more painful, but my single experience isn't enough to judge.

The back pains started about 24 hours before he arrived, and ramped up in intensity from there, and I went in at 7cm about 4 hours before he arrived. It was just a period type lower back pain initially. The active labour (from 10cm dilation) was max 90mins with gas/air and 2 paracetemol. I did have some slight tearing as its not such a smooth exit! He was 6lbs 9 though, so relatively small. I didn't consider these timings out of the ordinary from a non back to back labour.

I would recommend keeping as upright position as possible, even though they will want to monitor you more in case baby gets distressed. I personally wouldn't rule out trying for a vbac birth again with a back to back baby, but I think that there's marginally more chance of intervention as opposed to an anterior presentation.

KayTee87 Thu 25-Aug-16 15:22:15

My son was back to back born almost 4 weeks ago.

My labour was around 24 hours and started out with mild period pains (after a very upset tummy) which almost disappeared after a bath - I was able to sleep for a couple of hours. When they ramped up, the pains could be felt nearly all in my back and later on in my bum (kept feeling the urge to poo). It's my first so I have nothing to compare it to but I did find it very painful.
I was given a drip to make the contractions stronger in an attempt to turn him, I then pushed for over an hour, then they tried to manually turn him but he just wasn't coming out the way he was lying. We went down to theatre and they made an inch long cut and helped him out with forceps.

It sounds bad but really you do forget about it.

Take whatever pain relief you need. I had nothing until they gave me a spinal block at 10cm as I was throwing up after every contraction so couldn't keep tablets down and gas and air was making the sickness worse. As soon as the spinal began to work I felt immediately calm and felt I could manage anything.

KayTee87 Thu 25-Aug-16 15:25:57

My son was 8lbs12oz which probably didn't help grin

violentvioletx Thu 25-Aug-16 15:30:00

DD was back to back, labour lasted 3 days shock felt like I constantly needed a poo so spent a lot of time sat on the toilet, contractions were painful but think the fact I was tired after 3 days didn't help.all done on gas and air, no tears

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