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Pregnancy was all going so well and now it feels a bit scary

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ThinkPinkStink Wed 24-Aug-16 11:13:48

Hi there,

I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Everything has been going smoothly (measurements, tests etc. all fine).

But today in my regular antenatal Doc's appt. they found leukocytes and glucose in my urine.

I'm in my late 30's so I had a Glucose Tolerance Test (in July) - which was fine.

I also had an antenatal catch-up two weeks ago and my urine test was normal.

Also - the doctor thinks that the baby is still in breech position (specifically feet down, head under my ribs).

I am aware that leukocytes are usually just a minor infection, and that the glucose could be nothing, and that there's still around six weeks for baby to turn (and even if she doesn't, there are things that can be done) ... but I'd love to hear words of wisdom from anyone who has any experience of these things.

Thank you!

DesignedForLife Wed 24-Aug-16 11:19:46

I've no experience of breech baby, or glucose, though had my fair share of UTIs in pregnancy, which are easy to treat. Leukocytes can be from normal vaginal discharge or thrush - are they swabbing you to check?

Breech babies often turn, have a look at the website spinning babies - there are a couple yoga positions you can do to encourage baby to turn. I had placenta praevia till 37 weeks, so understand the worries can easily add up, thankfully it resolved itself!

ThinkPinkStink Wed 24-Aug-16 12:24:11

Thanks Designed they kept my urine sample and sent it off for analysis (the leukocytes and glucose were found in a dip-test in the doc's surgery). Results in a few days.

I don't think have any symptoms of a UTI (I've had a few in the past), but it's almost impossible to tell as I need a wee all the bastard time any way, which I'd presumed was baby-position related, but I guess could be a bladder infection - it's not painful, just interminably boring, rushing to the loo every 15 mins.

I'll look at Spinning Babies now - thank you! Apparently reflexology is also good (though I am a bit of a sceptic).

Thanks again!

Nottalotta Wed 24-Aug-16 13:05:14

I can't help with the first part of your post but my baby was resolutely breech all along. Bum down, feet and head up! He was delivered by elcs last July. It was a breeze, so easy that it was planned and I could organise around it. Recovery was great.

ThinkPinkStink Wed 24-Aug-16 14:26:10

Nottalotta Thank you for the words of reassurance, in some ways a c-section would be fine (as you say, I'd get to plan around when it happens, quicker than vb etc.)...I do worry about recovery, but I've got a helpful DH and not much in the way of stomach muscles anyway I also worry about having any kind of surgery ever, but hey-ho...

This little one is the same, she is anterior, left hand side, but head under my ribs bum in my bladder...

Nottalotta Wed 24-Aug-16 17:12:49

Before I knew he was breech I was all for hypno birthing, did NOT want an epidural etc. The choice was pretty much taken away though. I wasn't going to have an ECV due to the risks so c section it was. My husband isn't that helpful, and had two days off work. I was as active as I could be without pushing myself, was driving after 4 weeks (approved by gp) and back looking after my ponies at the same time.

I'm currently pregnant with dc2 and more concerned about having a long labour followed by emergency section. Would much prefera planned section!

ThinkPinkStink Wed 24-Aug-16 17:59:04

Oh man, only two days help after a c-section sounds absolutely awful - I do know though that it takes more than serious surgery to keep a person from their ponies!!

I think I'd refuse an ECV too, just too risky (and unpleasant).

I've had hypnobirthing sessions and I'm quite relaxed about how the birth proceeds (open-minded about the route she takes), of course I'd love a 'natural' birth, but I'm more interested in having a healthy baby - and if it's a 'sunroof' jobby, that's just how it is.

Could you petition for a c-section, given you had one last time? I'm not sure what docs/midwives need to see from you to prove you'd be better off with a c-section...?

Nottalotta Wed 24-Aug-16 19:38:18

Haha yes you have to be dying or dead to leave the ponies!

I did have visits from mum and Mil but was on my own much of the early days. You just have to be prepared.

Luckily the hospital here is very good about c sections, and I have pretty much been given the choice.

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