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Tiny Bit of Spotting at Weeks - Been Told to go to A&E

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Sugarcoma Wed 24-Aug-16 09:09:34

To be checked out by gyno.

DH and I both think this seems a bit extreme - is this just standard practice? Is there anywhere else we could go except A&E? (In case we end up having to wait for hours to be seen).

Sugarcoma Wed 24-Aug-16 09:12:15

Oops - meant to say 8 weeks

drinkyourmilk Wed 24-Aug-16 09:14:49

Contact your local midwifery service- that's what I did with a bleed at 6 weeks. You can find contact numbers on your local hospital website under antenatal care. The midwifery service will know if it's necessary to be seen, and if so can book you straight into the epau.
good luck x

INeedNewShoes Wed 24-Aug-16 09:14:57

Whereabouts are you?

There should be a local Early Pregnancy Unit that will scan you.

I quite agree, it seems ridiculous to go to A&E. Quite apart from anything you will spend all day there and it will be grim! The only reason to go to A&E would be if you had a suspected ectopic I would have thought. Do you have any pain?

Even when I had bleeding and pain my GP just organised for me to go to the local Early Pregnancy Unit.

Minispringroll Wed 24-Aug-16 11:53:32

It depends on who has told you to go to A&E, I would think,...and why.
With my second pregnancy, our GP sent me off to A&E on the same day as we had the appoinment with him (EPU was closed at that time of day and he had phoned the hospital to get me an emergency appoinment with gynaecology due to previous ectopic and me having had pain). I got picked up at A&E by two very lovely young doctors from the gynaecology department and they checked everything. (It turned out to be ectopic again and I was admitted later that week...) They knew I was coming, though, and I didn't have to wait around for hours to be seen.

The first time round, I was at work and had to go through A&E because the EPU at the hospital there wouldn't accept walk-ins. It also didn't take that long, but that was mostly because it wasn't terribly busy. I got checked at A&E and they did my bloods. Everything then got referred to the EPU and they contacted me to do all of the follow-up stuff.

Check with the hospital whether their EPU accepts self-referrals. It might be a better place than A&E.

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