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Vbac after c section

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buttonO Tue 23-Aug-16 22:33:20

Hi I have just found out I'm 8. Weeks possibly 12 weeks pregnant with no 5 ! Haven't missed a period yet !! Ages are 21 18 13 and 2 Anyway first 3 were natural births youngest was c-section as was breach . I'm 40 and overweight any one had a vbac on similar situation or am I facing the likelihood of another c-section? Will obviously discuss with midwife if I ever get an appointment!

Soon2bemumof2bfast Tue 23-Aug-16 23:59:57

Hi hun smile im 13 weeks with baby number 2 and had an emergency c-section with my first. From what the consultant said at my appointment last week they encourage vbac unless you or babys health is at risk. Altho I've heard of a lot of mums having an elective c-section after having previous one/s so I guess it really depends on your consultant and your own health needs smile sorry that wasn't much help lol!

buttonO Wed 24-Aug-16 12:41:08

Thanks X I'm trying to decide in advance in case I get the option lol seams the more I read the more undecided I get !!

Shootingstar2289 Wed 24-Aug-16 20:11:54

If you have only had one by c section. They will probably let you have a Vbac. Particularly because your youngest baby was breech, not because of an underlying health problem that you needed a section.

As you've had three natural births, there is a high chance you will have a successful vbac - if that's what you want of course.

Your midwife cannot make the decision for you. So you will be refered to a consultant by your midwife. The consultant can help you make a decision. Usually they are all for vbacs if there's no reason you can't labour naturally but if you want another section, that's your choice.

Anyway, my first was born by c-section. Consultant was keen for me to have a Vbac so I agreed. But little miss was stubborn and was born by c-section in the end.

Good luck!

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