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Question for any midwives out there- 3rd baby following laparotomy and Csection...

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ChickenNuggetLover Tue 23-Aug-16 17:38:35

I have 2 DC, aged 6 and 3. We would like a third and final child. However DC 2 was born following emergency section and due to endo I have had a laparotomy and a couple of laparoscopies and an ovary removed ( this was proper to DC2 so no issue getting pregnant).

My question is I would prefer to have a normal labour, if I was to have another baby with my history would this be allowed? It took a lot longer to recover from the section than the normal delivery I had with DC1. I was induced both times due to obstetric cholestasis so will probably get that again... Obviously can't avoid the event of an emergency Csection as with DC2 but would like to know what the options are...

ChickenNuggetLover Wed 24-Aug-16 17:34:20


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