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Constantly feeling sick! agh!

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summerskittles91 Tue 23-Aug-16 10:34:25

About 8 weeks pregnant and from around 6.5 weeks I've constantly felt nauseas/sick unless I'm eating blush

I tend to be actually sick at least 2/3 times a day and the rest of the day I just have a weird feeling and horrible in my mouth and stomach. There is point when I feel sick and hungry at the same time.

Does anyone else feel like this? or have any ideas on how to feel better. I've tired ginger biscuits, crackers and toast. as well as eating little but often. I'm really struggling at work and can't seem to get through 5 minutes without needing to nibble on something. It's 10:30 and I've had around 3 ginger biscuits, 2 bourbon biscuits, banana and currently have a packet of ready salted crisps open on my desk. blush

Someone tell me it gets better please..

usernoidea Tue 23-Aug-16 10:39:51

I'm not going to lie to you as it didn't improve for me BUT most women say it does get better after first trimester
Just do whatever you need to do to get past it and if all else fails some gps prescribe mess to ease the sickness/nausea x

LynseyH Tue 23-Aug-16 11:01:40

It improved for me and you sound exactly like I was. Difference was, I was only sick twice through the 1st trimester. Eating does help as if you get too hungry the nausea escalates quickly.
Don't be afraid to ask for meds if you need them.
I found I enjoyed anything pasta and cheese based and also saw a few other ladies say the same...pasta is filling too.

cloudlessskies Tue 23-Aug-16 16:41:10

Hi OP. I'm 10 weeks and although I've not actually thrown up, I am suffering with nausea. I'm eating every 3 hours and find that gets me through the day okay but weirdly I'm suffering more in the evening.

Even though I don't feel like eating it makes me feel better but if I eat too much that makes me feel ill again. I've reduced the size of my lunch and dinner and then just snack in between. I'm liking breadsticks with cream cheese, nuts, smoothies, crisps, crackers and cereal.

Lets hope it passes after 12 weeks!

blushrush Tue 23-Aug-16 16:46:21

A friend of mine told me that if she ate as soon as she woke up (she didn't even get out of bed - husband would bring her something up) then she felt less sick throughout the day.

Might be worth trying?

freetrampolineforall Tue 23-Aug-16 16:56:40

If you are also struggling with fluids please speak to your gp. I had hyperemesis - couldn't even keep down water. Congrats.

sammylou1 Tue 23-Aug-16 17:20:11

You sound just like me!
My nausea kicked in at 6 weeks, but was very mild to begin with. Between 7 and 8 weeks it escalated to all day worse nausea which stopped me from functioning as a normal human being should. I was barely eating or drinking and getting through 5 emails in a whole day at work. It all came to a head at 8 weeks when DH made me go to the doctors. They tested my urine and found ketones (not good!) and I was put on metoclopramide as an antiemetic. I am now 9+4 and able to eat drink and generally get through the day. It doesn't get rid of it completely, but makes it bearable. I urge you to see your GP. Xx

Titchypanda Tue 23-Aug-16 20:35:59

I've not been sick much but have had constant nausea from about 2 weeks. Currently 18 weeks and it shows no sign of abating.

The foods I managed to keep down were rice, toast and ice lollies. My midwife said as long as you can keep something down and fluids up, it doesn't matter what you eat in first trimester.

Every person is different though. I struggled with keeping drinks down. If you are struggling with fluids, you should see your gp to make sure you don't get dehydrated.

summerskittles91 Wed 24-Aug-16 08:47:55

Thank you for your responses! Really appreciate it, and glad I'm not alone. It's difficult to function when you feel like this! Struggle to get through work without having to rush to the loo!

I went to the GP and she gave cyclizine (No idea if that is spelt right) and it hasn't really worked, so I'm thinking about going back. The dose said I could have 3 a day but she told me that 1 should do it. She checked my urine and said it was fine - but it's a struggle when water tastes awful and I cant even keep that down sad Living off fizzy lemonade at the moment)

I might try keeping something by my bedside and having something before I get out of bed.

Got loads of little things to snack on, was hoping id at least get through a few hours of peace but already feeling horrible.

drinkyourmilk Wed 24-Aug-16 09:22:27

I think you need to go back to the gp. The med aren't working and there are others you can try .

sammylou1 Wed 24-Aug-16 17:02:38

Agree with drink. Mine helped pretty quickly. Xx

zopeckham Sun 28-Aug-16 16:50:53

Ah hope this gets better soon for you summer.

I'm nine weeks and am throwing up and feeling nauseous all the time. I feel pretty overwhelmed often with the thought of how I'm going to manage each day and then several more weeks of this. It's like horrible violent retching..! One day I threw up so much I got weird blood spots under my eyes, very nice.

I was determined that we wouldn't tell anyone before the 12 week scan due to a previous loss, but I've had to tell my boss straight away to get some support with this, and we've told a couple of people we've spent time with & when we went camping because short of completely hiding myself away (which I'd love to do), I just can't pretend not to feel this bad when with people!

sucking on sweets and eating small meals regularly seems to help a little bit but wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in about 6 weeks..


Havingkittens04 Sun 28-Aug-16 18:01:38

After 2 hyperemesis pregnancies I am actually feeling human again at 18 weeks, after the awful feeling that HG and a hospital bed with a drip was on the horizon again weeks 6 - 14.

I felt sick unless I was constantly eating, put on a lot of weight, and vomited a lot between weeks 12-14 when the sickness peaked. For the past few weeks I've felt less nauseous (not great but much better) and I'm down to 3 meals a day, like a normal person! No snacking in between or an extra 'meal' before bed hmm Hoping the weight gain evens out now throughout the remainder of the pregnancy.

Hope it settles down soon for you guys too flowers x

freetrampolineforall Sun 28-Aug-16 18:33:09

Great to hear, having. All the best for the rest (emoticon of whatever you are managing!)

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