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unbearable back pain

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user1469401062 Mon 22-Aug-16 12:05:14

Has anyone else had terrible back pain during the second trimester? It's been gradually getting worse, and yesterday every step I took hurt so much I had tears and by evening I couldn't stand up.
I've seen a physiotherapist a few times- last time she tried a bit of acupuncture and unfortunately it was much worse afterwards. I initially went to her for Pregnancy Girdle Pain which she really helped me with. I think the back thing is connected to the PGP.
Has anybody been to a chiropractor before? I can't do any exercise, even swimming because I can't get there without having to walk some of the way.
Can anyone help? Thanks

DesignedForLife Mon 22-Aug-16 14:44:40

I can't say anything that I know will help, other than lots of warm baths. I've had back pain but not terrible. But have you been checked over by a Dr? UTI/kidney infection can sometimes manifest as back pain (would be more on flanks than spine) so it's worth ruling out

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