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Maternity jeans

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MagpieCursedTea Mon 22-Aug-16 09:46:34

I'd really like some over the bump maternity jeans that aren't skinny jeans and don't cost a fortune. I'm finding this harder than I thought I would. Ideally I'd like wide leg ones but I think that's an impossibility. I'd settle for flared. Anywhere I should be looking?

AntiHop Mon 22-Aug-16 09:51:42

I was pregnant two years ago so this information might be out of date. At the time I found red herring at debenhams had a good range of maternity jeans.

lilydaisyrose Mon 22-Aug-16 09:53:58

I am having this problem too - I have some on for the first time today from Dorothy Perkins but I didn't previously realise how skinny they are!! My search is complicated by the fact I'm a size 22 so very limited choice anyway and skinny jeans are NOT flattering at my size!!

I've sent pairs back to Next who only seem to have skinny.

Have you tried H&M - I had nice boot cut maternity jeans from here in my first pregnancy (when I was smaller).

FirstTimeMummy25 Mon 22-Aug-16 10:36:25

I found next had some when I was pregnant (ds 5.5 months now)

jjj789 Mon 22-Aug-16 10:43:06

I managed to get away with getting a belly band from Top Shop which sat over the waist band of my non-maternity jeans so I could wear them without them being done up. It was amazing and only about £7. It was elastic and looked like the top of normal maternity jeans when you fold it in half. Just seen they still do it here.

ElodieS Mon 22-Aug-16 10:48:02

I rate H&M maternity jeans, they are mostly skinny at the moment but they have flared ones too... doubt you'll find wide legged though I'm afraid.

CinderellaFant Mon 22-Aug-16 10:49:44

New look- £ 19.99

ShyTallSun Mon 22-Aug-16 10:50:09

I wore Gap ones with DS2 - a good fit, lots of different leg styles. Only problem was it was all online so no trying on in the shops, Wore wide legged ones from JoJo with DS1 - really comfy, kept bump lovely and warm/supported and weren't too pricey (their mat wear is cheaper than their kids wear!)

Summerholsdoingmyheadin Mon 22-Aug-16 10:51:39

Gap online usually do that sort of thing - the wide legged ones are often reduced but not the skinny ones.

Gardencentregroupie Mon 22-Aug-16 10:51:52

Mothercare, surprisingly. They even stock some in store so you can try them on shock

Nottalotta Mon 22-Aug-16 11:03:34

Can anyone recommend skinny/straight ones?

Summerholsdoingmyheadin Mon 22-Aug-16 11:13:14

Gap for wise and skinny leg ones. H and m for skinny ones but go up a size as they are very small.

HelenM39 Mon 22-Aug-16 17:02:49

I got bootcut ones from from very recently (although I don't have a bump yet so not worn them properly). They aren't wide leg but they are not skinny and I actually find them more flattering than my pre pregnancy jeans.

Dlah Mon 22-Aug-16 17:09:59

Next has been best, I have some skinny and some normal, got both of mine on sale for £14 instead of £24 but really comfy

Becciilouisex3 Mon 22-Aug-16 17:13:20

Last time I looked, ASOS had quite a few nice pairs that weren't skinny smile

triangularchocolate Mon 22-Aug-16 17:13:36

I got some for £14 from Essex maternity wear (online) - I lived in them when I was pregnant.

KayTee87 Mon 22-Aug-16 17:16:24

I bought a pair of skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans from Mothercare when pregnant, was pretty happy with them until very near the end when I think my bump just got too big for them and dresses were much more comfortable.

CharminglyGawky Mon 22-Aug-16 17:17:07

I found some in jojo maman bebe, they were in the sale at the time (a few weeks ago now) so were really cheap. I don't know if they are still available though I'm afraid.

Pandora2016 Mon 22-Aug-16 18:26:16

I second the red herring ones.

canihaveacoffeeplease Mon 22-Aug-16 19:47:32

I got great boot cut ones from Jojo maman Bebe, they have 3 different colours and are wide leg, over bump and super comfy. I got them for £14 during the sale but I think full price is £29?? They have flares too but I sent them back cos they didn't fit me very well. Easy peasy refund too. Hope that helps!!

MagpieCursedTea Mon 22-Aug-16 20:38:09

Thanks all! I had a look on Mothercare after the suggestion here and found a really lovely pair of flared jeans. They were out of my size though, typical! Will check out the other suggestions.

tilleuls Mon 22-Aug-16 21:20:33

I got some yesterday from Topshop and I love them - so comfortable and are nice and snug around my bump! I would say though that I'm very small at 5"2 and they fit my stumpy legs so not sure suitable for all heights!!

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