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Second babies early or late?

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Jenjen85 Mon 22-Aug-16 09:46:01

Currently 38+5 with DC2. DD was born on her due date in 5.5hrs so wondering if seconds come early or late and how long your labours were? Hoping baby arrives this week as fed up now

DesignedForLife Mon 22-Aug-16 09:49:59

Fed up here too. DD arrived at 40+13, currently 40+3 with DC2

Boogers Mon 22-Aug-16 09:55:44

DD (my second baby) was T+13 and I was induced. Eventually born 9 hours after I was started on the drip. She did not want to come out!

I'm a second baby and I was also two weeks late, but it was a quick labour so I'm told.

Fourormore Mon 22-Aug-16 09:58:02

6 days late, 9 hour labour after the first was 3 days early with a 28 hour labour.

juneau Mon 22-Aug-16 10:00:55

Both my DC were born a week before their due date. Labour 1 was 16.5hrs. Labour 2 was 2.25hrs. He was nearly born on the side of the M1 grin

Jenjen85 Mon 22-Aug-16 10:03:17

juneau oh wow he wasnt waiting around then shock my midwife did say my labour would probably be quicker this time round

juneau Mon 22-Aug-16 12:15:02

Second labours can be very quick - so just be aware of that. Particularly as your first labour was really short you should be packed and ready and if you feel things are moving fast - go straight to the hospital. Don't wait around!

Mirandawest Mon 22-Aug-16 12:16:07

DS was born at 38+3.

DD was born at 40+4.

Not sure why I thought she would be earlier than DS had been

justabigdisco Mon 22-Aug-16 12:30:36

My second was 13 days over! First baby went into labour at T+4, she was born T+5

AssembleTheMinions Mon 22-Aug-16 12:44:11

Dd2 was T+13. On the plus side, labour lasted less than an hour. grin

IamChipmunk Mon 22-Aug-16 13:27:51

Ds was born 40+5. whole labour from first contraction to birth was 22hrs

Dd was born 40+4 whole labour was about 36hrs but once it got goin it was much quicker. We were only in delivery about 40 mins and she was out! With ds we were in delivery about 2 hours.

AddictedtoGreys Mon 22-Aug-16 23:16:08

My DS was 38+2, still waiting on DC2 at 39+2

DramaAlpaca Mon 22-Aug-16 23:17:13

I was e

WhatTheActualFugg Mon 22-Aug-16 23:18:57

DC1 42
DC2 27 + 5 shockhmm

DramaAlpaca Mon 22-Aug-16 23:20:33

Ooops, posted too soon. I'll start again smile

I was sort of expecting DC2 to be early, as DC1 was five days early. But no, he dragged his heels and arrived five days late. Then DC3 was five days early again.

Labour was a bit quicker second time around though - 12 hours, rather than 21. I don't have fast labours, even DC3 took about six hours.

Bumbler16 Tue 23-Aug-16 02:09:37

My first came on her due date and my second came the day before his

Daytona79 Tue 23-Aug-16 02:16:14

4 days early and labour was 3 minutes long

I woke up from sleeping and baby was born 3 minutes later on my bathroom floor

It was a serious shock to the system

Pinkangel23 Tue 23-Aug-16 02:17:25

DC 1: 41 weeks and 4.5 hr labour. DC2: 39 weeks and 2.5 hr labour- didn't expect to go early and DP almost missed the birth. Like pp have said if your first was short this one should be even quicker.

nobodyputsbabyinthecornor Tue 23-Aug-16 02:57:19

2 weeks early and a much faster labour than the first ! Good luck xx

waitingforsomething Tue 23-Aug-16 07:33:13

DD arrived on her due date and DS at 39+6 so very similar!

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