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did any of you have false starts? feeling very down today

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kiki22 Sun 21-Aug-16 08:54:15

39 weeks and 3rd weekend in a row I've had some signs last 2 weeks just little things that could be nothing just waited it out didn't come to anything but yesterday had cervix pain lost some more mucus, contractions on and off all day again just tried to ignore it wait til out. Got to 8pm everything stopped thought oh well never mind but then at 10 started to get proper contractions like real labour ones every 20 mins finally fell asleep at 1 expecting to get up a few hours later in labour but its stopped sad

I'm so fed up I had this with ds for weeks everybody midwife included convinced my body was getting ready but ended up induced at 41 weeks, I'm hoping for a home birth but have a section booked for 41 weeks starting tk think I will not get to natural labour again. Its like my body knows how to start but cant get any further. I know I cant do anything but its really got me down today

Whatsername17 Sun 21-Aug-16 10:21:44

I'm sorry you are struggling. I had the same with dd but she did come naturally eventually. 2 weeks of stop starting and a sweep got everything going.

kiki22 Sun 21-Aug-16 12:10:34

Its just awful stopping and starting i'm actually quite happy if it does t happen until closer to my due date as ds started school on Wednesday so giving him more time to settle in would suit me but the oh it might be starting so tidying up the house, getting ds over night bag and my hospital bag checked then nothing is very annoying. If I took the originally planned section I would have been coming home today that's playing a part that I could have been done by now if I didn't change my mind

I'm getting a sweep Thursday when I see mw hopefully that will get it going.

Nikki2ol6 Sun 21-Aug-16 15:47:01

I did with my second child. With my first there was nothing until labour began but with my second from around 34 weeks every night regular contractions for hours that never got closer together. Usually 10 mins apart some nights 5 or 3. They didn't hurt either. I knew they had to hurt to be labour as painless ones don't change the cervix. One morning at 39 weeks I woke up and they had not fizzled out or they had started back up. This was the first time it happened in the morning so this was new too me but as usual they didn't hurt and didn't get closer they were 10 minuets exactly. I had a busy day planned at a christening then a party so off I went and still they stayed 10 minuets apart. I ignored them. that evening I got home and got my daughter to bed and sat down to rest and they were still 10 minuets apart. I googled and read about irritable uterus and thought grandddd!!!! All I need!!! Went upstairs on my laptop and suddenly a painful one came, I looked at the clock on my laptop and it was 8 minuets after the last, 8 minuets later another painful one.... The next one was 2 minuets apart and I was on the floor crying in pain ringing the hospital this time lol!!! They tried to tell me labour doesn't start like that but I knew full well this was labour and I felt a little wet and when I checked it was pink. Off I went to hospital and was 7cm!! I gave birth some hours later.
They called it a silent labour and told me to watch out for it again !!!!

Sorry I have no advice but you could try sex next time this happens to you. I did and it made my pains worse but did not kick start labour but for you it could be different

kiki22 Sun 21-Aug-16 17:39:15

I tried sex last night will be bouncing on my birthing ball and jumping dp again later. Last night it was getting a little sore I really thought it was it. None today until 4.15 had 3 since then hopefully it will start. I'm having a home birth so at least I dont need to worry about being told not to come in or sent home.

Featherybum Sun 21-Aug-16 19:17:14

Stop start is a Pita. Had this with both of mine and both were back to back so I think in hindsight my body was trying to get them into position. With DC2 I went in for assessment with stop start contractions, nothing happened despite knackering myself out walking / bouncing so they sent me home told me to have dinner see DC1 and go to bed. Had a big strop but did this, anyway woke at midnight in full on Labour and DC2 was born about 2 hours later. I hope similar happens for you and you aren't waiting too long. Good luck!

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