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SamanthaLilyx Sat 20-Aug-16 22:28:56

Please help me I've just found out I'm 3 weeks pregnant and I'm over the moon! But my partner doesn't want the baby and says he's just not ready. I am already a mother of one and I'm so ready for a second, I'm so confused sad xx

hazeimcgee Sun 21-Aug-16 02:17:55

No real advice except give him time - it might be shock? Are you prepared to do it alone? Make it clear you won't pick him over the baby. Hope he comes round OP

SamanthaLilyx Sun 21-Aug-16 10:43:36

Thank you for your reply! @hazeimcgee I'm just 100% I'm keeping it and he's 100% he doesn't want it, maybe he will come round but at the moment we are avoiding the subject and I'm suffering with anxiety, I don't want to do it alone I've done that with my first. I'm just scared it will break us.

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