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Just found out I'm pregnant

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sarahhh1984 Fri 19-Aug-16 10:21:28

I've just found out I'm pg so thought I'd drop in and say hi in this part of the forum! I'm currently 4+3 and got my BFP on Monday, the day before AF was due. It's was only our second cycle of ttc for our first so I'm delighted but still a bit in shock!

Went to GP on Wednesday and got given a phone number to contact the midwife service which I've now done - got my first appointment on 5th September when I'll be 6+6 which seems a little early but I'm in Liverpool which apparently has an early access service so perhaps that's why.

Currently getting to grips with all the things I can and can't eat and researching good non-wired bras for larger cup sizes. I was an F before I got pregnant so God knows what I'm currently on my way up to but my bras are definitely struggling to cope and I can feel the underwire starting to poke me. If anyone has any good bra recommendations I'm all ears (and boobs, it would seem).

So far, everything seems to be going OK. My only concern so far is that my jeans are already feeling a bit snug. Did anyone else find this in the early stages? Is it likely just early pregnancy bloating?

Thanks! xx

AGruffaloCrumble Fri 19-Aug-16 10:27:09

Congratulations! Snug jeans will be bloating for now until about 12 weeks. You can get large maternity bras from Debenhams. I am a KK and it is a nightmare trying to find nursing bras in this size but for a G/H you should have no problem in debenhams or mothercare.

YorkieDorkie Fri 19-Aug-16 10:34:14

M&S have bras that are designed for post surgery but are super soft and very supportive. Try finding one that isn't hideous and they are worth every penny! Congratulations!

sarahhh1984 Fri 19-Aug-16 11:22:12

Thank you ladies! I'm heading into town next week so I'll do the rounds of M&S and Debenhams to see what they can do for me. Might try Mothercare but scared of going in case friends/family see us there! Don't want them to find out until the 12 week scan! xx

April241 Fri 19-Aug-16 15:29:04

Congratulations smile

I found out at around 4 weeks also and bloated until 13 weeks then I was all bump. I've found mothercare to have the comfiest bras so you could get them online? A lot of shops have very basic or no maternity ranges in store but loads online which is frustrating!

I stopped wearing underwire pretty much right away as they were too painful but the maternity bras still gave me a lot of support.

sarahhh1984 Fri 19-Aug-16 15:34:26

Thanks April. Yeah, I'm going to have to sort out the bra situation sooner rather than later as the ones I have are getting uncomfortable. I'm going to go in store and get measured up but then I may buy some online. The problem with bras is that the sizing doesn't seem to be the same in any two brands!

As for the bloating, think I'll be wearing a lot of dresses for the foreseeable! Xx

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