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Applying for a job during early pregnancy

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BestBeastie Fri 19-Aug-16 09:56:47

I'm finding this a minefield.

So I'm 6w pregnant. I have seen a great job I really really really want, and I'm absolutely qualified for. It's certainly not a shoo-in but I would definitely expect to get an interview.

If all goes well, as the interviews are set for the end of September/start of October, I would be about 11-12 weeks. I probably wouldn't have had my scan, so wouldnt 100% know everyhing was okay with the pregnancy.

It's a temporary conrtact - has a fixed time period (don't want to give too many details) but might be extended (it's a lot more than a year). We have the option of sharing parental leave - so I would potentially only take 4 months maternity (I have to be realistic about when physically I'd be able to work though). And it's a part time role - I would probably work more than my hours in the lead up to ensure I was actually ahead.

I guess my question is:
1. Should I mention it at interview? (in which case my interview becomes about the pregnancy and - however much they're not meant to make the decision based on it - I will never know)
2. Should I leave talking about it until I actually got offered it? And should that happen I'd be so excited that hopefully my enthusiam would override doubts etc. I just don't want to appear to be be disingenuous....

Any advice from anyone greatly appreciated. I want to manage my expectations - I really want this job.

MrsH87 Fri 19-Aug-16 11:12:16

Hello. I was in this situation recently. A bit different because it was for an internal promotion, but my managers didn't know I was pregnant. I was just short of 12 weeks at the interview. I, like you, didn't want them to think I was being deceptive by not saying anything, but of the few people who did know the overwhelming advice was to keep quiet. If you tell them at the interview, you won't be considered equally alongside the other candidates and you need to ensure you have a fair interview.

I didn't get the job in the end (and I know I performed badly because of feeling anxious about being pregnant), but I think you should grasp the opportunity. It's still very early days in your pregnancy and if you get the job you'll have a good few months to settle in before going on maternity leave.

Sounds like a great opportunity! Go for it!

EreniTheFrog Fri 19-Aug-16 11:45:53

I'm in the same position as you. I agonised hugely before applying, and have an interview in a couple of weeks in early 2nd trimester. I had a thread on the employment board, and mumsnetters opinions varied hugely!

Personally speaking, I am not going to tell them I am pregnant. The workplace in question has a pretty good reputation for being family friendly, but the overall industry is known for treating pregnant employees very badly. I don't tend to show until later than most women, though, so I realise that others might get noticed.

cnchapmanxx Fri 19-Aug-16 11:46:29

Hi, first of all congratulations smile [flower]

I was in exactly your position about 2 months ago. Just had my 12w scan applied for a job for another government dept, and i literally just told them i was pregnant, i was due this date and was honest with them.
They cant discriminate you for being pregnant - i was more than qualified for the job and knew i could do it..i would say go for it!
i got the job i went for and start at the end of this month.. needless to say after the training i will only get a good 2 months at the job before going on Mat Leave but they were absolutely fine with it.

Good luck and hope everything goes well with your pregnancy!

TerriB84 Fri 19-Aug-16 11:57:38

Its a difficult one without knowing what the company are like regarding attitude to pregnant workers. I'm lucky that the company I work for are very understanding with this sort of thing. They actually hired someone who was 8 months pregnant and due to go on maternity leave imminently with the plan that they would officially start in a years time after mat leave. They then recruited for maternity cover! I realise this is very unusual though and not the experience of most people. If still early in the pregnancy I probably wouldn't mention it until offered the job. That way you know if you don't get it the pregnancy has nothing to do with it.

Trifleorbust Fri 19-Aug-16 12:17:26

If you intend to apply, don't mention the pregnancy. You are far less likely to get the job, you are not obliged to mention it and most people wouldn't expect someone at 6-10 weeks pregnant to be sharing the news with anyone other than close friends and family, is that.

BestBeastie Fri 19-Aug-16 14:52:41

It's difficult isnt it - mind you, as I'm strting to really show at 6w - even if it is bloat - I'm not sure it's not going to be palpably obvious. A bit concerned at that rate of expansion thats going on in my lower pelvic area, hips and thighs....

I'm really split on this though.

The thing that I keep coming back to in my head is that it is a very male dominated working group ... I am slightly worried that they're going to look for a 'good bloke' to do the job in any case - someone who fits nicely into the working dynamics. So probably best not to risk being not only a woman in a largely male dominated field but a pregnant and, therefore, troublesome one at that. I know that - if I spill - ultimately what will be foremost in their minds is that they want the job down effectively and the bloke who comes in the room after me has the potential for knocking me out on the basis of being No Trouble. Even if I'd probably have more incentive to work my socks off....

but then I think - really! if they want me, they want me - and I think they'd appreciate the honestly. And it's not like they're not fathers and husbands whose partners and daughters also face these dilemmas. But then - to succeed at that approach - you pretty much have to be the absolute best candidate for the job. I'm really good on paper but I'm sooo bad at interview...and I'm not sure I could manifest that peppy, go getter personality and blow them away with my enthusiasm and hard work ethos - however much that is who I am and what I'd intend...

quitecrunchy Fri 19-Aug-16 21:34:53

Don't mention the pregnancy. It's illegal for them to discriminate against you on the basis of being pregnant but there's a strong chance they will find another reason to pick someone else over you if you tell them, even if you are the best candidate.

PotatoesPastaAndBread Fri 19-Aug-16 21:42:25

Hi best

Sometime in my team got a job and then told us she was pregnant. Not a problem at all. Noone was annoyed. No issues with it.

She was four months when she started with us (after working her notice)

BUT she found it hard. New job plus first pregnancy. A lot of change to manage.

Then when she came back from mat leave she struggled. She had only really been with us for four months before going on mat leave so barely finished induction, ten off for a year. When she came back everyone 'forgot' she had still been new went she off, and assumed she knew what she was doing as she was returning, but in fact she was new for the second time and she was juggling new motherhood. It's still hard for her eighteen months on.

Not saying don't do it and if it's a great opportunity i would say go for it (you can always pull out any time), but also it could have challenges.

Best of luck deciding!

backinthebox Fri 19-Aug-16 21:50:50

"Don't mention the pregnancy. It's illegal for them to discriminate against you on the basis of being pregnant but there's a strong chance they will find another reason to pick someone else over you if you tell them, even if you are the best candidate."

This ^

My friend was recently verbally offered a job and told them then that she was pregnant. Funnily enough the contract never arrived and someone else was offered the job. She took things further and won a payout, but it was hugely stressful and she doesn't have a job she would really have liked.

anastasiakrupnik Fri 19-Aug-16 22:03:43

In a way i think you're doing the best by them in not telly them, as then if they don't choose you they don't have to worry that you or a tribunsl will think it was because of the pregnancy. Telling them could put them in a more difficult position.

The other reason is that not all pregnancies end in a child - I nearly applied for a job when in early pregnancy, didn't then - completely unexpectedly - miscarried anyway.

People shouldn't hold back, or not be offered the same opportunities, because they might hopefully have a baby in 9 months time.

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